Industry Buzz: The mosquitoes are taking over.

Mosquito termination is a small, fast growing segment in the pest termination industry, and Mosquito Joe is poised to be the industry leader with our prominent branding and best in class systems.

mosquito_skinThroughout the United States, mosquito populations are flourishing and insect-borne illnesses are on the rise. The news media regularly warns us to protect our families and ourselves. And so we retreat, taking cover indoors and missing out on all the fun. A quick internet search will reveal a plethora of articles about the dangers of mosquito-borne illnesses and the need for deliberate prevention methods.

Aside from the health concerns, staying inside is just no fun. As more families are looking to enjoy meals and playtime outside, demand for mosquito control services is rising. Be part of an industry that brings outdoor fun back into your community and get your outside on!