An Incredible Mosquito Control Business Opportunity

You may have a few options in mind for opening your own mosquito control business. But how many of those options lead to a flexible lifestyle, with specialized corporate support that allows you to be a hero in your community? Owning a Mosquito Joe franchise delivers those benefits to help you secure the time, satisfaction, and success you’ve been looking for. Consider a pest control business in our franchise family.


Powerful Benefits for Your Outdoor Pest Control Business

Flourishing Industry Mosquito control is a high-growth industry benefiting homeowners and business owners alike. As an industry leader, the Mosquito Joe brand gives you an edge above the competition.

Training and Support No direct experience is necessary to own a Mosquito Joe franchise. From operations support to technology training to marketing, we provide the resources you need to grow your pest control business.

Low Investment Our low-cost franchise fee and fast startup process create a great investment opportunity. We even offer a franchise fee discount for veterans!

Simple Operations This is a business with few moving parts, simple training, and minimal office space required. Most of our franchise owners successfully work out of their homes.

Sweet Seasonality Mosquito season duration varies by location. No matter how long their “buzzy” season is, many Mosquito Joe owners make a comfortable living that sustains them all year. The off-season is a great time to prep for the following year and focus on other passions.

Technology Technology is integrated with every customer touchpoint for a convenient experience. We provide franchise owners with the right technology for daily operations, as well as hiring and onboarding platforms and guidance.

Recurring Revenue Recurring business and referral potential is high with Mosquito Joe. Average reported customer retention is 72%.* Our national reputation for service excellence encourages referrals.

Available Territories Looking for a startup or an existing pest control business for sale? Choose a prime territory, and scale to new areas as you grow. 52% of Mosquito Joe owners own multiple territories!

Schedule Flexibility Mosquito Joe franchise owners have a family-friendly workweek and flexible schedules. This is just one reason that 50% of our franchise owners are couples.

Feel-Good Business Good karma is coming your way! Mosquito Joe provides a service that improves customers’ quality of life. Great reviews are coming in daily to prove our company’s value.

*This figure represents the reported customer retention rate of a single affiliate-operated business that has operated for more than 10 seasons, with a territory of 30,971 target households. Refer to Item 19 of our current FDD for full information.

Is Mosquito Joe Right for You?

Some people open a Mosquito Joe franchise because they are seeking a pest control business for sale or a startup opportunity, but they want structure rather than unknown risk. Others are current business owners (e.g., landscaping) who want to branch out. No matter where you start, we uphold high standards for supporting you.

When you own a Mosquito Joe, you’re also a part of the trusted Neighborly® family of home service franchises. Through Neighborly, you can benefit from service pricing guides, additional marketing and cross-promotions, and an incredible support system that extends far outside your immediate Mosquito Joe network.

Find the best mosquito control franchise opportunity for you. Contact us online or call (855) 564-6563.