You Served Your Country, Now Serve Your Neighborhood

Regardless of your military roots, owning a business that’s more than a desk job could be the answer you’ve been looking for. We take great pride in helping veterans find new purpose in giving back to their community by using the same skill set the military gave them to own their own business.  We certainly realize that keeping our neighborhoods mosquito free is on a much smaller scale than defending our country, but we’re honored to help them transition to not only civilian jobs, but going into business for themselves. Veterans’ natural leadership and critical thinking abilities make them successful franchisees. Veterans like belonging to a system and executing a plan, and the Mosquito Joe business model is an ideal way to do both.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It

Our Veterans in the News





2016-10-18_1624“We feel vets bring the right set of experiences and work ethic to our business. Veterans coming through the pipeline look at the other vets in our system, and it resonates with them. Our team has close to 100 years of franchise support experience. We can look veterans in the eye and say “We understand that you don’t have any experience in the private sector, but we can be a backstop for you as you make the transition.”
Brian Garrison, Chief Operating Officer and retired Captain with the United States Navy.



“Starting a Mosquito Joe franchise helped me transition to civilian life.  Owning my own business has allowed me to use the leadership and team building skills that I employed in the military to build a successful enterprise with my family. The same things I have to do as a helicopter pilot – operate as a crew, be adaptable and flexible to change and challenges, and train and employ people to complete a mission  – are inherently needed in any small business.  Mosquito Joe knows  the military since many of the members of the corporate team are either former military themselves or have spouses that currently or formerly served.”
Blaine Cardinale, Mosquito Joe Franchisee in Florida