Explore a Great Business Opportunity in Mosquito Control

Starting a mosquito control franchise can be a great business booster for those already in the landscaping industry.  A Mosquito Joe business can easily be run as an add-on business or stand alone opportunity and it’s a natural fit for entrepreneurs (or wanna-be entrepreneurs) in the world of lawn and landscape.

Why Franchisee (and Landscaper) Steve Clark Chose Mosquito Joe:

Top 5 Reasons For Landscapers to Consider Mosquito Joe:

  1. Additional recurring revenue service:  Much like lawn care, mosquito control services are scheduled on an ongoing basis. Our technicians return every 2-3 weeks to keep our customers’ yards mosquito-free.
  2. Leverage your existing customer base: Mosquitoes are already a problem your current customers are battling with, and they may have already tried to ask you for help.  Why not be the solution and build an even stronger relationship with them?  Even better, new customers generated for your mosquito control business may naturally evolve into lawn/landscape customers, driving additional business all around.
  3. Leverage existing employees: You’ve already put work into the staff you have, so no need to start over for a business that requires similar employees.  Use existing workers for your Mosquito Joe business and offer more opportunities for hours and professional development.
  4. Low cost franchise opportunity: Our low franchise fee and start-up costs* make it easy to get up and running fast.  Full training and support provided.
  5. Best brand in the business: Our catching name, humorous taglines and bright colors have quickly made our brand the most recognized in the industry.  Who said pest control can’t be fun?

*Don’t waste a minute – our franchise fee will increase on November 1st so call one of our franchise development representatives today at 855-564-6563 (or use the form at the right) and learn more about our MoJo family!

We’re confident we could be the right move for you, and there are plenty others out with their eye on us.  Check out what Landscape Management, Lawn & Landscape Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and others in the news are saying about Mosquito Joe and learn more about our fast-growing franchise family today!