Mosquito Joe Opportunity in Minnesota

When you think of Minnesota, you probably don’t picture a hotbed of mosquitoes and other airborne pests. But that’s where you’re wrong! The Midwestern state borders Canada and Lake Superior. And with over 10,000 other lakes in the state, there is a lot of potential for mosquitoes. Because as we know, where this water, there are mosquitoes.

Minneapolis, MN - Business Ownership Opportunity - Mosquito Control

Don’t be fooled by the harsh winters! The Mall of America is not the only option for booming business. With its wholesome values and vast number of families (not to mention great baseball team, go Twins!), Minnesota is an excellent place to begin your very own Mosquito Joe Franchise. Be it in the “Twin Cities” of Minneapolis, or the state’s capital of St. Paul, the opportunities are endless.

Mosquito Joe provides effective mosquito control solutions to homeowners and businesses alike. The need for mosquito control is top of mind these days as the dangers of mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika Virus and West Nile continue to grow. And with over 50 species of mosquitoes living in Minnesota alone, the need for mosquito control is real. There’s never been a better time to own your own business!

Why Mosquito Joe

Mosquito control is a fast growing segment in the pest termination industry, and Mosquito Joe is poised to be the industry leader with our prominent branding and best in class systems. More and more families are choosing mosquito control companies like Mosquito Joe to make their yards bite-free during the summer months.

Have you always dreamed of being your own boss, but are afraid you don’t have the business experience to make it work? Not a problem! At Mosquito Joe, no experience is necessary with the ongoing training and support you’ll receive from our team of experts across operations, marketing, finance and customer service. Not to mention, we have a low franchise fee and fast start up process. Mosquito Joe is a great low investment opportunity with limited staff needed and no retail location build-out necessary.

Your long-range profit potential is high with Mosquito Joe, as residential and commercial customers continue to want mosquito control not only throughout the warmer months but year after year as well. And it’s a seasonal business that pairs well with other seasonal businesses (tax franchises, etc.).

Mosquito Joe provides a service that improves the quality of life for people in your community. Customers are overwhelmingly grateful for the chance to enjoy time together outside without the worry of being bitten or exposed to disease. Just take a look at the tons of reviews we have coming in daily to see just how happy our customers are with our service. Becoming a trusted partner in helping people enjoy their lives more is an added reward. Talk about good karma!

If you’re interested in becoming your local Joe, fill out our information request form or give us a call at 1-855-564-6563. We would love to answer your questions and get you on the path to joining the MoJo family!