Women of Mosquito Joe: Kate Kimpton

Women of MoJo - Kate Kimpton - Mosquito Joe of NW Houston

If there is one thing we’ve learned it’s that there are many misconceptions about women in the pest control industry! So while we could write a blog post about why women are a good fit for Mosquito Joe, we thought there were a few people who could do a better job. In our blog series the Women of Mosquito Joe, we highlight the incredible women that are a part of the MoJo family and why it is no longer a man’s world!

This month we chatted with Kate Kimpton of Mosquito Joe of Northwest Houston.  While her husband Paul helps with the business, Kate runs the day-to-day operations.  She also takes care of bookkeeping, marketing, and occasionally spraying in the field.  Five kids and two English Mastiffs certainly keep her busy around the clock, but Kate has learned to balance work and play as she enters her second year with Mosquito Joe.  She even has her kids help out with the business and uses her four-legged friends as adorable MoJo billboards when possible.

What motivated you to get involved with Mosquito Joe?

Kate: I was motivated to get into franchising by a desire to have my own company. Mosquito Joe appealed to me for several reasons: the ethics, the light-hearted humor, and the well thought out business model.

What’s your typical day like during the season?

Kate: Busy!  During the busiest time, I have another person in the office with me.  Sometimes there are three of us speaking to customers, quoting, keeping the books, working with technicians, keeping up on supplies, and reaching out to the community.

Why is Mosquito Joe business a good fit for women?

Kate: Well for starters, you are your own boss. You have down time during the year, which is great for spending time with the kids. For myself, I love showing my kids what it means to own your own business and what hard work is all about and the rewards it comes with. It is a great lesson.

There are often misconceptions about the pest control industry, in particular with women working in that industry.  What are your thoughts on those?  How do you find them to be true or untrue?

Kate: There is a big difference between the image of a guy crawling around in a nest of spiders and what we do. I don’t work in the field, but I can say that pest control is all about keeping our families safe. The majority of our customers are women, and they are mostly concerned with being outside and not worrying about their kids. I can relate to that. As the applicator, I can also answer all their questions.

Thanks Kate!

We’re so proud Kate is a part of the Mosquito Joe family. If you would like more information about Mosquito Joe of Northwest Houston and their mosquito treatment services in Texas, be sure to check out their website and read more about what they offer. And if you’re interested in the Mosquito Joe franchise opportunity, we’d love to hear from you. You could be the next Woman of Mosquito Joe!


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