Corporate Support is Key for Franchise Owners

Corporate Support

Franchising is a great business opportunity for millions of people across the country. Currently, franchise establishments in the U.S. number around 796,000 and have created 9 million jobs. But what makes the best franchises stand out from the rest in this soaring industry? One major factor is the level and quality of corporate support that each franchise owner receives. And the key to good support is to put the success of the franchisees first, remembering that all decisions made at a higher level will affect the system as a whole.

The type, level, and means of corporate support vary among each franchise organization.  But in our humble opinion, Mosquito Joe is one of the best in the business when it comes to setting our franchisees up for long-term success. Let’s take a look at how we do that.

Company Culture

What sets us apart from our competitors is our appeal to the lifestyle mosquito control can provide rather than the sometimes icky feeling pest control can bring. Our slogan “Outside is fun again.” embodies this idea at a Corporate level and spreads throughout our franchisees. We encourage them to get involved in their local communities, sponsoring festivals and fun-runs, donating to local non-profits, and educating people about mosquito control. All of these things make franchisees a recognized and trusted resource in their communities that provide a service which allows families to enjoy spending time in their own backyards worry-free.

Training and Site Visits

Mosquito Joe’s high level of Corporate support starts the day franchisees sign their agreement. They are assigned a Franchise Business Coach (FBC) who will be their first point of contact from that day forward, helping them navigate the process of opening a business and running it for the long-term.

Then, it’s off to school!  Before opening, every franchisee must come to Mosquito Joe headquarters for training. MoJo University, as we so lovingly call it, is designed to effectively and comprehensively train franchisees in all aspects of their Mosquito Joe business within a reasonable time frame. This training includes sessions on operations, finance, marketing, and more! Students also leave with some homework, assignments designed to keep them moving and preparing for opening. Franchisees spend training learning from our amazing team, and each other, and leave with the confidence to hit the ground running.

The support continues with site visits conducted by the Franchise Business Coaches. New franchisees can expect their visit a few weeks after opening, to give them a chance to learn the ropes. Their FBC will drop by for a few days to review operations, provide recommendations, and create a solid plan for future growth. Second year and older franchisees will also get a visit from their FBC each year, which provides a continuous, reliable, and personal string of support as they grow.


Our belief at Mosquito Joe is that in order to provide the best level of support, we have to understand our franchisees. This includes knowing what challenges they are facing, what they are doing successfully, what they need more or less of from Corporate, and what new ideas they have for the future. That’s a lot to understand!

Aside from fostering continuous communication with franchisees, we send out surveys throughout the year to gather this information. Our Corporate team reviews the results at length, follows up with franchisees for detail, and uses the information to improve the system. Feedback from these surveys makes its way into Corporate meetings, franchisee training, marketing materials, and daily communication with our franchisees. They are in the field everyday and are a great source of honest feedback and innovative ideas.

One of the most attractive features of franchising is the built-in Corporate support. Many of the headaches and red-tape associated with opening a new business are alleviated or altogether removed when doing so through a franchise system. But Corporate support can take many different shapes, sometimes dissipating once a franchise opens.

This is where Mosquito Joe is different. From the extensive training at MoJo University to the ongoing dedication of our Franchise Business Coaches, Mosquito Joe Corporate is committed to supporting our franchisees from the day they join our system, to the day they open for business, and every season after.

If you are exploring a franchise opportunity and think Mosquito Joe could be the right fit for you, please visit our franchise information page for details, and give us a call. We would love to chat and answer all of your questions. And of course, if you or anyone you know is in need of mosquito control services, please call your local Mosquito Joe for a free quote.


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