Zika Concerns Cause Mosquito Control Needs to Spike

If you’ve paid attention to the news lately, mosquitoes have been making regular headlines for yet another disease they spread.  As of April 18, 2016, 42 countries worldwide report active Zika virus transmission. Most are concentrated throughout Central and South America, however, countries in the Pacific Island and Africa also made the list. As of April 20, 2016, 40 U.S. states have reported 388 travel-associated Zika virus cases. No cases were acquired stateside.

 What Zika Means for Mosquito Control

While there is no cure for the Zika virus, avoiding mosquitoes is the best course of action for a strong defense. Earlier this month, the CDC held a conference to educate local state departments on prevention and their strongest recommendation is to reduce the mosquito population. Several states have already taken action. In Florida, a state of emergency was declared in areas where people have tested positive for the Zika virus and the Florida Department of Health is already conducting surveillance of mosquitoes to monitor whether the virus is present in living insects populations.

In Texas, the state’s health department has crafted an action plan in case of an outbreak and a team that will focus on potential birth defects from the virus. In Louisiana, the state health department is working to monitor both mosquitoes and people for the disease and is warning residents to make sure their homes are prepared by eliminating standing water.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also been proactive with making sure these local departments have all the information they need to tackle the issue. They have a Risk-Based Preparedness and Response Guide for states that’s available; unfortunately there isn’t much said about states providing mosquito control, which puts it back in the hands of home owners.

These warnings to be thoughtful about mosquito control around your home and eliminating breeding areas for mosquitoes have led to an increased number of calls for local Mosquito Joe owners.  With consumer concern rising, our professional mosquito control services are a bright light when considering the illnesses mosquitoes carry. We’re glad to be an added layer of defense to families wanting to take back their yards and enjoy the summer. Our certified technicians provide a service that is completely tailored to yards, making it a very effective way to keep yards healthy and itch-free, all while taking the guesswork out of the do-it-yourself approach.

If you check out our blog post published just last week with a Zika update,  you’ll read that due to lack of funding, over $500 million in unused Ebola crisis money has been re-dedicated to the fight against Zika. It’s a problem that doesn’t seem to have a quick solution in sight.

Becoming the Neighborhood Joe

The good news is that you can be the solution for your community by becoming the neighborhood hero. If you’ve been considering a franchise opportunity, the mosquito control industry is growing – and it’s growing quickly. This year we expect to have 170 mosquito control franchise locations open across 26 states.  You have a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a business that is helping in the fight against Zika virus and other mosquito borne illnessesA Mosquito Joe franchise is a high margin, seasonal business opportunity that can be run from virtually any home or office. For more information visit our website.


Ask a Franchisee Friday: Pets and Kids?

As people are investigating franchise opportunities and specifically the Mosquito Joe business, (and since no pest control experience is required), lots of questions come up. We decided to bring you Ask a Franchisee Friday, where we highlight a frequently asked question from franchise candidates to our franchise sales team. We then ask one of our operating Mosquito Joe franchisees to answer it for us. If you’re looking at any franchise, and specifically outdoor pest control, this is a question you might have too.

Is the product you use EPA registered?

Here at Mosquito Joe, we think everyone should enjoy being outside itch free.  We know kids and pets are an especially big concern, and since mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas can lead to such conditions as West Nile, Lyme Disease and even heartworms, we take it very seriously.

Owner-operator Stephanie Simon from Mosquito Joe of Arkansas chimed in on this question when it comes to our kids and pets. “All of our technicians are certified in mosquito control and fully trained in the application of our products, making sure outside is fun again.  It is actually the same active ingredient that is used in flea and tick shampoo and even lice shampoo that you would use directly on them.  We just ask that they stay inside while we treat and for about 30 minutes thereafter to allow the product to settle and dry so it will be the most effective.”

All of the barrier spray chemicals we use are synthetic forms of pyrethrins called pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are insecticides that are derived from a naturally occurring compound found in the chrysanthemum flower. Pyrethroids are used in numerous commercial products that consumers use to control insects such as household pest insecticides, pet shampoos and sprays, and even lice shampoos applied directly to the scalp, just as Stephanie stated. The standard barrier spray treatment is effective on other pests such as fleas and ticks which makes it not only safe for pets, but effective in helping make outside a little more enjoyable for our furry friends.

For more information on the Mosquito Joe business opportunity or what we do, visit our website. Happy Friday!


Could You Help in the Battle Against Vector Borne Disease?

This time of year can be tricky as the weather fluctuates between warm and cool. Most parts of the country are seeing a break in humidity and heat, but may not know that mosquitos will stay active until the temperature stays below 55 degrees and some areas see mosquito activity year round. This makes vector borne disease a year round health issue and an ongoing problem.

Just last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated their reports and there have been 493 cases of West Nile reported in 40 states. It seems every day there is a new headline about West Nile being diagnosed in a new area of the country. West Nile Virus is usually spread by mosquitoes and can cause serious neurological problems, so it is important to be aware of the symptoms. You can read our past blog post for more detailed information about the disease and its symptoms.

Vector borne diseases don’t stop there. Lyme Disease this year has been another illness causing major health issues, so we’ve been closely monitoring tick activity. The CDC reports that every year around 300,000 people are infected with Lyme disease! In late 2014 scientists discovered a whole new tick-borne virus and we have been seeing the first cases pop up in the U.S. this year. Bourbon Virus is now on the radar as yet another disease spread by ticks.

If you’ve been considering a franchise opportunity, the mosquito control industry is growing – and it’s growing quickly. This year, we have 114 mosquito control franchise locations open across 23 states and next year is going to be even bigger. California and Texas have the highest number of West Nile cases and we’ve got available markets in each area. No matter where you live, you have a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a business that is helping in the fight against these diseases. A Mosquito Joe franchise is a high margin, seasonal business opportunity that can be run from virtually any home or office. Plus, our franchisee fee goes up on November 1, so sign before then and save $5,000.  And hey, who doesn’t want to be the neighborhood hero?

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