Off-Season Opportunities for Mosquito Joe Franchisees


One of the perks of our seasonal business is most Mosquito Joe franchisees have the ability to take time off during the fall and winter months. With the exception of our most southern locations, franchisees have around five months of autonomy. So you might be wondering, what do Mosquito Joe franchisees do with their time when outdoor pests aren’t biting? Great question! We’ve gathered up some of the most common ways Mosquito Joe franchise owners spend their time during the off-season.


After a rigorous season of making outside fun again for their communities, franchisees are due for some well-deserved time off. Because prime mosquito season is during the heat of the summer, many franchisees miss taking trips to the beach. The off-season is the ideal time to vacation in tropical locations. Our franchisees have had the opportunity to soak up the sun in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Tahiti and Turks and Caicos. Conversely, some franchisees take to the mountains for a little ski, snowboarding and snow tubing fun. Then again, some just enjoy a little rest and relaxation at home with their families and pets.


Philanthropy and giving back is at the core of the Mosquito Joe business model. We encourage franchisees to participate in our MoJo Bites Back and Beat the Bloodsuckers campaigns that raise awareness about the importance of mosquito control. Many franchisees go above this and utilize their time off to volunteer in their communities for causes they’re passionate about. Whether it is working with local humane societies, Boy and Girl Scout troops, homeless shelters or veteran groups, our franchisees donate their time back to a community who supports their businesses.

Work in Another Industry  

When mosquito pressure decreases, many franchisees return to other occupations. IT professionals, teachers, military personnel, firefighters and those with other expertise make up our franchise system. While some of their Mosquito Joe businesses are paused over the winter, a few franchise partners take advantage of the cold weather. Hanging holiday lights, shoveling snow from pathways, driveways and parking lots and working as seasonal employees in retail stores are options that keep franchisees busy. Some are even multi-business owners!

Professional Growth

Off-season is the perfect time to renew licenses or obtain new certifications. Having the time to study and take preparation courses allows franchisees to advance their professional development. Each year, franchisees have the opportunity to connect and network at our annual Mosquito Joe Convention in Cancun. They are able to learn from each other, as well as swap tips and best practices. Additionally, some franchisees take seminars, read books on business or take the time to nurture their professional network and connections.

Prep for Next Season

Running a business can get hectic. There are so many moving parts franchisees must be aware of in order for their Mosquito Joe to be successful. The off-season allows franchisees to take care of various administrative tasks. They are able to renew their vehicle registration, do any necessary transit or equipment maintenance, purchase new materials and hire and train new staff. Additionally, this is a great time to update budgets and marketing plans. During this time, franchisees are able to connect with their fellow Neighborly brands so they can collaborate and strategize co-op efforts for next year.

If operating a seasonal business and taking advantage of these great off-season opportunities interests you, consider joining our franchise family! Learn more about our franchise opportunity and contact us for more information on becoming a Mosquito Joe franchisee. Not only are you able to make outside fun again for your community, you’re able to have plenty of fun yourself!


What Franchisees Wish They Knew Before Starting Their Franchise

At Mosquito Joe, we really feel that starting a business is one of the most exciting journeys one can take. Our franchisees are comprised of all types of entrepreneurs – parents, military veterans, recent college graduates and even those from the corporate world. Since all markets are different and individual characteristics vary, there are many valuable lessons to be learned along the way. We’ve surveyed our Mavericks, the ones who we feel are going above and beyond at exceeding their business goals, to see what lessons they’ve learned and what tips they have for anyone curious in joining the Mosquito Joe family.

Here’s what they had to say:

  • Answer each call and respond to each lead – Take the time to explain the process to each customer. Knowledge is power and the more you can educate your leads and customers, the more you can set their expectations from the beginning to build a lasting relationship with them.
  • Take the time to train your technicians – Mosquito Joe technicians are on the frontlines with customers. Ensuring the technicians are trained to answer any question that may be presented when they’re out in the field is beneficial to your business and its growth.
  • Treat your staff well – Finding loyal, dedicated staff is always a challenge. Acknowledging the hard work your office staff and technicians add to your daily operations and celebrating their efforts and achievements is necessary for happy, honest employees. Develop relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Listen to the Corporate team – With a proven model in place, the Corporate team is always available to answer questions and guide you through your new adventure. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in training and reach out often. After all, that’s why they’re there.
  • Track your progress – Having your finances in place and tracking what initiatives you’re trying is important. Whether it’s on a pad of paper or in an organized spreadsheet, having a record of what’s coming in and out is crucial.
  • Take advantage of being your own boss – Fully commit to your business. Many Mosquito Joe franchisees found great success when they allowed themselves to focus all of their time and energy on their business. Don’t be afraid to quit your day job.
  • Network, network, network! – Take advantage of the open line of communication between all of the Mosquito Joe franchisees, through daily interactions and personal bonding at our annual Convention. Ask questions and learn from those who have already experienced what you may be ready to experience. Also, be sure to network in your community – local partners are beneficial to getting the word out about your new business.

Still itching to learn more about becoming your own boss and exploring the Mosquito Joe franchise opportunity? Request more information and we’d be happy to get in touch with you about our company, a great option for any entrepreneur!


Importance of Blogging for Small Business

Blogging for your small business may seem like a tedious and insurmountable task, especially if you aren’t the writing type. But it’s actually an inexpensive and easy effort with multiple benefits that can make a large difference in the success of your business. Most importantly, it can be fun! Many business owners stay away from blogging because they don’t see how they can possibly write about their industry every week for the forseeable future. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn’t be that way because readers won’t tune it to a blog that posts the same content week after week. Take it from a mosquito control company, you gotta mix it up! 

Blogging is an opportunity to let readers inside your world and let them get to know your business. Post about fun events in your community, relevant stories to your industry, tips and tricks that readers can use, employee highlights, etc. Above everything else, the only way to build a successful blog is to make it part of your routine. Once blogging is treated like any other daily task, it will be second nature for your business. Here are a few reasons to start blogging if you haven’t already or to keep it up if you have:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The more applicable content you have on your website, the more legitimate your website appears to search engines such as Google and Bing. Including keywords and terms relevant to your business in your blogs 

Increased Online Exposure

Blogging will provide you with more content to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Seeing your snippets of your blog posts on social media will prompt your followers to read the full article, share with their followers, and expand your overall reach.

Leadership Establishment

Regardless of the size of your business, posting blogs is a way to establish your expertise in the field. Your blog can become a go-to resource for the people who are aware of your expert information, and you will be viewed as authority in the eyes of others.

Stronger Relationships with Customers

If you choose to enable this feature, visitors and readers can comment on your blog posts, which you gives you another outlet to interact with potential customers. This can also help familiarize you with your target audience and the type of information they want from you, fueling future blog articles. Also, having the ability to personally respond to comments builds an authentic connection between you and your audience.

More Relatable = More Interesting

Sometimes, it’s hard to envision faces behind company websites. Blogging allows you to write about fun and lighthearted topics, highlight stand-out employees, make readers laugh, and use your own unique and conversational tone-of-voice. This will engage readers genuinely and veritably, reminding them that your business is not run by robots. You are human beings just like your readers. Keeping this in mind while writing is the key to keeping people entertained.

Utilization of Experience

Displaying poor writing skills on your website is a great way to send your readers running. Whether your business is large or small, find the person on your team who knows how to write properly and bring them on board before embarking on the blog journey. Tasking your writers with blog assignments will reflect well on your business as a whole and the bloggers individually. Allowing employees to blog under their names will emphasize their value and remind them of their importance on the team.

Blogging is not easy for a lot of business owners. It takes creativity, organization, and time to develop and maintain a quality blog. But the benefits it can reap for your business are certainly worth the effort. Aside from establishing yourself as a local expert in your field, a blog can help personalize and present a different side to your business than other marketing initiatives might. Feel free to check out our consumer and franchise development blogs to see how a mosquito control company makes it work week after week.


Why Timing Counts: Sign Now

As the holidays sneak up on us, 2017 is just over a month away. This time of year, many folks begin to reexamine their priorities and goals in life. This could take many forms from finances to family to traveling, but very often it involves a career path. For that person reimagining their life as a business owner, fall 2016 thru early winter 2017 is an optimal time to explore a franchise opportunity with Mosquito Joe. Whether you are just starting to explore the franchise world or you’ve been searching for the right business for a while, we think Mosquito Joe is worth a look, and timing counts. To prove it, we have 5 reasons you won’t be able to resist taking a deeper dive into the Mosquito Joe business opportunity.

Mosquito-borne illness is on the rise in the United States

The spreading of viruses associated with mosquito bites made headlines this year as Zika virus came into the national spotlight. Cities throughout the country are doing what they can to address large mosquito-infested areas, but in some cases, these efforts are proving to be ineffective. Mosquito control is an emerging, high-demand market. Those who join the Mosquito Joe family have the opportunity to support their communities with up-to-the-minute information as well as targeted solutions for residential and commercial customers.

Marketing ahead of the game

Once a Mosquito Joe franchisee acquires their license and completes training, they are free to begin lead-generating marketing efforts to recruit customers for their recurring business that will begin in the spring, for many areas. You have the opportunity to take advantage of our off season to research local and grassroots marketing opportunities like placing the eye-catching Mosquito Joe van in the local St. Patrick’s Day parade  or sponsoring the neighborhood’s little league team. There are multiple ways you can start building community awareness in preparation of mosquito season.

New Year’s Resolution, anyone?

As we approach the holiday season, a lot of us look to make changes and resolutions in our lives. For those whose New Year’s resolution it is to spend more time with the family and be their own boss, what better way to do so than to own a seasonal, home-based and community-oriented business while having the support and experience of a fun corporate brand and team. Plus, for those resolved to get more exercise, a day out in your community neighborhoods spraying to make outside fun again can be a great workout!

Training Local Joes

Starting in October, we hold training once a month to get new Joes trained and ready to open for business the following spring.  This is your chance to not only be trained, but you get time with the corporate staff who becomes your support team. Yet another reason timing counts, you get the opportunity to take the information you learned in training and put it towards research before launching.

Our Annual Convention!

By signing in the fall, you have the opportunity to register and attend our annual convention, and this time we’re going international! Our convention is being held in Cancun, Mexico January 2017, and it’s the perfect opportunity to attend breakout sessions ranging from operations to marketing to pest control. You also get to meet and socialize with franchisees who are in your boat (just signed!) and those who have a few seasons under their belt. It’s 3 days full of information and knowledge that can be key to preparing for your first season.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about franchising with Mosquito Joe, please visit our franchise information page. We’d love to talk with you, answer any questions you have, and get you on the path to joining the Mosquito Joe family during the ideal time!


Why It’s Important to Attend a Franchise Decision Day

As with many franchises, Mosquito Joe requires franchise candidates to attend a Discovery Day at the MoJo Corporate office in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Candidates spend a day with our Corporate team, getting to know our franchise better, and asking final questions they’ve gathered throughout the sales process. We see this as an integral part of developing the Mosquito Joe franchise family. Candidates not only get the chance to learn more about us, but we have the opportunity on that day to evaluate how he or she would contribute to our system.

To get a better understanding of why Decision Days are so important and why most franchises require them of candidates before signing the dotted line, we spoke with our CEO, Kevin Wilson:

Decision DayWhat is the purpose of a Decision Day?

This comes at the very end of the process after all the calls and research has been conducted by the candidate and franchise salesperson. We have two primary goals throughout the course of the day. First, we want to ensure that the candidate has all their remaining questions answered. Second, both the candidate and the Corporate team each get an opportunity to make a final assessment of one another. Will this person be a good fit with our team? Will we be a good fit for this candidate?

How can a candidate prepare for a Decision Day?

Write down all remaining questions they have. Ideally, they should break them into various functional areas such as marketing, operations, finance, etc. so they can be sure to address them to the right department throughout the day.

What makes the Mosquito Joe Decision Day experience unique?

We believe the experience is unique because it’s genuine! What you see is what you get. We pride ourselves on being transparent and answering any and all questions directly.

What is expected of the candidate after a Decision Day is complete?

At the end of the day, we let the candidate know if we believe he or she is a good fit with us as a franchisee. Assuming they have the same interest level, a member of our development team will schedule a call for 24 – 48 hours later with the goal of receiving an actual decision. Assuming the candidate agrees to move forward, documents are sent out for signature (usually the same day!)

We believe the Mosquito Joe Decision Day experience is unique and allows candidates to get a true glimpse into our franchise that they can’t get via phone, email, or video. But don’t take our word for it! Some of our franchisees gave feedback on the most beneficial aspect of their Decision Day experiences at Mosquito Joe.

Decision Day

Very organized and on target! It gave us a good, all-around idea of a day in the life of Mosquito Joe. – Marla Carruth, Owner of Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge

Being able to meet everyone at Mosquito Joe personally to ask questions and to get to know everyone better. – Jeff Sommers, Owner of Mosquito Joe of Springfield (photo to the right)

Meeting the people behind the vision and knowing they are excited about the company. Also, meeting the technicians and learning about their views of the job helped with respect to future hiring. – Kate Gould, Owner of Mosquito Joe of NW Houston

All of it! It was great to be able to meet everyone and get time alone to speak with each department/person – Matt Lemke, Owner of Mosquito Joe of Coastal Georgia

Meeting the team, seeing the software in action, and meeting the guys (technicians) in the field was great. Professionalism was everywhere. – Elio Chiavola, Owner of Mosquito Joe of Wayne

As you can see, attending a Decision Day is vital to making a well-informed choice about a franchise. Meeting the people behind the operation, learning more about important softwares, and seeing some of the day-to-day operations helps candidates envision themselves as a franchise owner. We treat each Decision Day uniquely and want to make the best possible impression on a candidate while also learning more about him or her. And we think owning a Mosquito Joe franchise is a pretty awesome opportunity, so we’re very proud of what we have to offer.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about franchising with Mosquito Joe, please visit our franchise information page. We’d love to talk with you, answer any questions you have, and get you on the path to joining the MoJo family!


Using Influencers in Local Marketing

Nowadays, positive word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools a business can have in its marketing arsenal. Paid advertisements and targeted campaigns are also extremely useful, but generating recommendations and referrals throughout a community or customer base can go a long way.

Think about it. You want to try a new restaurant in town and do your research to find the right place. What influences your final decision more – the restaurant’s website with the full menu, prices, and professional photos or the Yelp and Google reviews talking about customers’ previous experiences? Statistically, the latter of the two will carry the most weight. According to Nielsen, 68% of people trust online opinions from other consumers. Likewise, 88% of people trust online reviews from other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts. So, hearing about someone else’s personal experience with a brand, service, or product is highly influential to future customers making a decision.

People in the community that have attracted a loyal following via blogging or social media and have the power to move their followers to action are called Influencers. As previously mentioned, people care about others’ opinions when it comes to services and products, which makes Influencers with audiences that care what they have to say dynamic business partners.

What is an Influencer?

Influencers can take many forms, so identifying them successfully will vary depending on your community and what matters to it. Influencers can be successful bloggers or writers on a certain topic, local newspaper or magazine critics, as well as academics, consultants, and beyond. It’s important to remember that celebrities are not the same as Influencers. According to TapInfluence, “Influencers are real people who are really good at something and earned the respect of others because of it.” An Influencer’s expertise and experience with a product or industry gives them an authentic authority that many celebrities do not have.

Hopefully some local Influencers immediately come to mind for you. In order to utilize this tool effectively, you need to identify Influencers that align with your company’s values and can reach an audience that you either cater to already or are looking to target. Their message will resonate more for your business if it can supplement and boost things you’re already saying.

How do you get Influencers on board?

First, you have to get their attention. This can be done directly by sending them an email or calling to ask about their interest in a partnership. In a more subtle fashion, you can follow them on social media, send shoutouts to them about recent accomplishments or publications you enjoyed, recommend them to your customers and followers on social media, etc. There are endless possibilities! Most importantly, be authentic in your outreach and demonstrate genuine interest in the Influencer’s work.

The terms of the partnership are up to you both. Oftentimes, businesses will provide a service or product to partners at a discounted rate in exchange for a review or mention to their larger audience through a video, blog article, formal review, or podcast. Influencer’s could also offer to bring a business owner in and talk about the service or product personally. For longer term partnerships, you can agree to provide new products at discounted rates in exchange for reviews or guest blog on each other’s sites about agreed upon topics. The end goal in partnering with an Influencer is to “influence” members of their audience to try your product or service and hopefully become loyal customers of yours too. The Influencer will probably have creative ideas as well to make the most of your partnership based on their past experiences. It’s what they do after all!

Now it’s time to hit the ground running! Do some research of your own into the Influencer marketing strategy and how it can work for your business. And be creative. Influencers are excited to hear from potential business partners and quality services they can offer their audiences. It could be the missing piece your marketing plan needs to really shine.

These types of marketing tips are exactly what our franchisees receive from the Mosquito Joe Corporate marketing team on a daily basis. If you or someone you know is looking into a franchise with exceptional marketing support, check out our franchise information page for more detail. We’d love to chat and fill you in on the difference you can make by making outside fun again for your community.


Why Referrals Matter and How to Get More for Your Business

Those going through the process of researching and buying a Mosquito Joe franchise are required to visit franchise headquarters in Virginia Beach for a Decision Day. This is a full day of meeting the Corporate staff, learning about the intricacies of a mosquito control business, and asking questions necessary to help make a final decision (hence the name “Decision Day”). At some point in the day, more often than not, potential franchisees ask, “Where do most customers come from and how can I make use of that source?”

We are proud to say that word-of-mouth and referrals are Mosquito Joe’s second largest source of customers system-wide. Although Mosquito Joe is a national company, our individual franchisees are small business owners with roots in their local communities, working to provide a great customer experience that results in referral after referral. Regardless of the industry, person-to-person marketing is (or should be) highly valued. Other customers’ experiences carry a credibility that can weigh heavily on others’ decisions to purchase or use a service. Even if you think you have referrals down pat, there is always room for improvement in business! So check out these suggestions for increasing referrals and your overall customer base.

Provide a Simple Call to Action

It’s very easy to ask a customer to refer your services to their friends and family, but odds are, that customer is more likely to do so if you tell them specifically how. Direct them to your Facebook page or hand out review cards to customers after each service asking them to visit your various online profiles (Twitter, Yelp, Google+, etc.) and leave a positive comment. If your business has a loyalty or referral program, make sure to mention it in all customer communication via email, direct mail, online, etc.

Make sure the referral and review process is as simple as possible to further encourage customers to follow through. For example, Mosquito Joe’s referral program (Share the MoJo) is a straight forward, easy to use concept that is the same across all franchises. When customers refer someone, both the customer and the refer-ee get $25 off their next mosquito control treatment. All they have to do is visit to enter their information, and their local Mosquito Joe will be in touch to arrange service! This simple incentivized process is one of the many reasons our referrals are so high system-wide.

Monitor Your Source of Customer Reviews

As previously mentioned, word-of-mouth marketing carries a lot of weight in a consumer society that trusts personal recommendations so much. Many businesses use the Net Promoter Score to monitor their level of customer satisfaction. In a nutshell, the Net Promoter System sends a one-question survey to customers asking, “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer our services to a friend or colleague?” Those responding with a 9 or 10 are considered Promoters who “are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others, fueling growth.” Many customers also leave additional comments, which (in the case of Promoters) could be used as testimonials in future marketing. Whether your business uses the Net Promoter Score or another system, be sure to monitor your reviews closely. Reach out to customers who leave bad reviews (these are just as important as the positive ones) and try to resolve the issue by finding common ground. Likewise with customers who leave good reviews. Reaching out to them and acknowledging their comments will put your customer service a step above the rest.

Show Appreciation

These days, a little personal business touch goes a long way with customers. You can really make your business stand out by sending customers occasional thank you gifts and/or rewards to show your appreciation. Consider sending an email to your customers (especially those who have sent referrals) that includes a special offer on services. Offering something small to show your customers you appreciate their business will differentiate you from most other businesses, hopefully pushing customers to recommend you to friends and family.

Satisfied customers and a continuous cycle of referrals are integral to the success of most businesses. At Mosquito Joe, recommending a family or friend to our service is the highest compliment a customer can pay us! And we make it easy for everyone by simply asking them to spread the word or leave a review online. It really is that simple. Likewise, our referral program Share the MoJo incentivizes satisfied customers and offers them and their referral a special discount. So if you or someone you know is in need of mosquito control services, send them to the nearest Mosquito Joe location! And if you’re interested in joining a company with great customer service, visit our franchise opportunity page and call us today!


Partnerships are Key for Small Businesses

July is National Parks and Recreation Month, and it got us thinking about all of the little league fields, playgrounds, and dog parks our franchisees service to keep mosquito free for their patrons. These partnerships are key for Mosquito Joe for many reasons. Our goal is to make outside fun again.  Through partnerships such as these we’re able to do that for more people, while also showcasing our services to generate more business. When we treat that little league field, we want the families attending practices and games to remember Mosquito Joe when they’re home and need mosquito control service. These kinds of relationships are vital to building business year over year.

We want to highlight why partnerships are so important to all entrepreneurs and small business owners. Starting a business takes a lot of drive and time. It’s good to have a network of friends and associates to keep you going and keep you inspired.  Networking, whether through business associations or other means, is a very cost effective way for small businesses to garner up referrals and new sales.


When you join a networking organization and attend meetings, you can be assured that within this particular group there will be some people who have already been where you are today. It might not be the same industry, but it does provide you with an opportunity to chat about the experience with others who have been in your shoes. You can take note of their accomplishments and even learn from their mistakes.


The more you talk about your business, the more comfortable you become. That is especially true with people you don’t know. This can be an important part of your business growth and development as an owner. Sure, it can be a bit nerve wracking but just keep in mind what made you sign that agreement in the first place. Where did your passion come from? Draw on that, and it will be easy for others to see why you love what you do.


One of the biggest returns you can get from networking is that people will start to recognize you. The more you attend business and social events,  the more people will becoming familiar with and remember your business. They’ll remember you as a supportive and knowledgeable part of the community. Attend meetings as often as you can, hand out business cards, and get involved. Many associations and groups have boards and committees to which you can lend your strengths.


Of course, the main reason we network is for business or referrals. Referrals mean nothing if you’re not acting on them. Make that phone call or send the email with the information you said you would. If you happen to see this person at another event, be sure you’ve paid attention to their business as well. Was there a recent news article about them? Mention it! Was there an event they sponsored? Be sure to give them a pat on the back. You should also be generous about sharing referrals for them (with non competitors, of course).  They’ll remember that you helped them, and who doesn’t love feeling good about helping someone?

If you are a business owner looking to build partnerships of your own, consider your target audience and where they are. Also, consider influencers or those in your community with the potential to reach and refer your business to others. If you or someone you know are interested in learning more about the Mosquito Joe franchise experience, please visit our website and give us a call.


Launching a Mosquito Control Business? 5 Tips to Read from a Pro

You get lots of tips and advice when you’re searching for the perfect business opportunity, but what about after you’ve signed the franchise agreement? When sitting down to think about the tips we’d offer new franchisees launching their Mosquito Joe business, we went to one of our veteran Joes. Erica Burdine of Mosquito Joe of Western Wake in North Carolina was one of our very first franchisees to join the MoJo family in 2013. She is currently in her fourth season and came to mind when we wanted the advice of a well-versed Joe. We asked her what she wish she new before launching Mosquito Joe, and here are her expert tips.

Five Tips to Read Before Launching

From Erica Burdine, Mosquito Joe Franchisee

  1. STUDY… Learn as much as possible about mosquitoes, ticks, fleas etc., AND about the products you use. The customer is always impressed if you know your stuff.
  2. Do your homework regarding competitors. You may think there are only one or two competitors in your area, but often times there are more.  So be prepared.
  3. You will work harder than you ever have. This job is more intense and demanding than I ever realized it would be. It’s important to mentally prepare yourself to eat, breathe and sleep MoJo during the season. The perk? You get a few months off, and I love that about the business.
  4. I never realized how much I would follow the weather!! Get a good weather app on your computer and phone.
  5. Lastly, being in business will stretch you and pull you out of your comfort zone. I never realized how much I would learn. I have overcome some fears and learned the art of compromising to bring balance between Mosquito Joe and the rest of my life.

We know there’s a lot to consider as you launch your business. It’s important to remember that buying into a franchise system gives you the benefit of not having to “reinvent the wheel.” The systems and marketing materials in place make Mosquito Joe turn key, and the support of the corporate team is unmatched. This business gives you a great franchise opportunity in a fast-growing industry, providing a service that benefits your community while making you feel good about your business. And just like Erica mentioned, it comes with flexibility for the off-season.

Thanks, Erica for your expertise and contributing to the blog this week. Keep reading each week for trips and tricks to guide you through franchising and the Mosquito Joe business opportunity. For more information on Mosquito Joe, visit our website and read about how you can become a Mosquito Joe franchise partner in your area.


Tips on How to Handle Hiring and Employee Turnover

The mind of a small business owner can be a crowded and chaotic place.  Inventory, customer service, marketing ideas, revenue, repairs, and maintenance are just a handful of thoughts flying around at any given time.  Hopefully the business grows to a point to necessitate additional employees.  But with more staff comes more potential problems.  Interviewing and hiring can be a time-consuming process, not to mention the training needed to bring each person up to speed on internal workings of the business.  Disciplinary scenarios are inevitable, requiring an experienced and confident manager to resolve the issue.

The last point is obviously the most unpleasant part of hiring a staff.  New business owners may not have any experience with interpersonal communication and office management.  As usual, Mosquito Joe is here to help!  We reached out to some of our experienced franchisees to ask them how they handle hiring and employee turnover.  Much of the advice is specifically about Mosquito Joe technicians, but can easily apply to regular office staff as well.

Kurt Godwin – Owner of Mosquito Joe of Baltimore-Annapolis

Mosquito Joe of Baltimore-Annapolis“It’s [managing a staff] probably the hardest part about owning a Mosquito Joe franchise. The best advice I can give is to always treat the technicians the way you would want to be treated. One thing we’ve tried to do to avoid turnover is to tell our technicians about future possibilities and show them opportunity for growth. Always letting the good employees know how much you appreciate their hard work is also important. We also always forward good reviews from customers onto them, so they can see what a good job they’ve done.

Lastly, often it’s just a gut feeling when you interview a guy on whether he’ll work out or not. But we also put our policies and procedures in writing and have each technician sign it so they know what’s expected.”

 Kate Kimpton – Owner of Mosquito Joe of NW Houston

“I think employee retention comes from several factors:

  1. Mosquito Joe of NW HoustonFind people interested in growing with you. Dangle that carrot in front of new employees to be lead technician once the business is larger. Make them see the bigger picture and catch some of your excitement.
  2. Keep them involved in the business. For us, the technician is the most important part of the business. They are the ones who see the customers every day, and they need to be great. If we can’t keep the customers, we won’t be successful. We reward them for awesome work with competitive compensation and little things like having an annual Christmas party.
  3. Ask their opinions and thoughts on aspects of the business.  Then use them!
  4. We will be involving them in the interview process for new technicians this coming season. They have received raises and will be in charge of training the new guys. I trust them, and I believe they will do a better job of picking the best guy for the job.”

Denise Morris – Director of Local Operations for Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach-Norfolk

Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach-Norfolk

“In order to avoid employee/technician turnover, you first have to know what you’re looking for before hiring. I always do face-to-face interviews because I’m looking for someone who can communicate effectively and has the ability to ask questions as well as answer them. The right person has to display a willingness to learn, take direction from others that may be younger, be self motivated, and able to show passion about something during the interview.

Once hired, I avoid employee turnover by setting expectations, providing a lot of training, building a team environment, and showing respect for each person. I do my best to get to know the person and what is important to them.

They are the face and the voice of this company. With that in mind, always over-hire, giving yourself the flexibility to be prepared in case you do lose an employee.”

If you’re thinking about starting a business or buying a franchise, don’t let this aspect of entrepreneurship scare you!  Working with good people is what makes business ownership so much fun.  Visit the Mosquito Joe franchise information page to learn how you can become part of the best team in the franchise business.