Mosquito Control Questions Got You Down?

As you’re researching franchise opportunities, and specifically the mosquito control industry, we know there are often questions that go along with an industry with which you might not be familiar. The mosquito control industry may not even be one that you’ve considered because well, we don’t all have mosquito or pest control experience. But don’t fret, we have good news for you.

There are many benefits to the Mosquito Joe system and one of them is that you don’t need any pest control experience. When you join the Mosquito Joe family, you get all the mosquito control training you need right here at MoJo Headquarters. Pretty awesome, right? Our system offers franchisees the benefits of our established brand and the ability to start up quickly. Because you don’t have to “invent the wheel,” you can focus on your strengths and skills as an entrepreneur since we have solutions in place to recruit and service customers. (Not to mention the team we have in place with over 80 years of combined experience in business, operations and marketing.) As you start looking into a mosquito control business opportunity, some of your most frequently asked questions are also frequently asked questions from our customers. So here are a few answers to get your research started.

  • What products do you use?
    We use two primary products in our mosquito treatment. Our main barrier spray products use synthetic forms of pyrethrins called pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are the natural byproduct of the Chrysanthemum flower. Synthetic pyrethroids have a similar chemical structure as the pyrethrins, and are used in numerous commercial products such as household insecticides, pet shampoos and sprays, and even lice shampoos. The products themselves are water-based, mixed in water and will not harm plants. We also use a natural garlic spray, similar to the garlic in your kitchen but more strong and potent. We use this product around ponds, vegetable gardens, flowering shrubs and flowers, so as not to harm aquatic life and pollinators. All products are EPA approved.
  • What if it rains after my yard has been treated?
    As long as your yard has had adequate time to dry after the application of your treatment (approximately 30 minutes), rain should not impact the effectiveness of your mosquito control service. However, our MoJo Guarantee ensures that if you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our barrier spray services, we will return to your yard to re-spray your property and ensure you are mosquito-free until your next scheduled service.
  • But my city has a truck that comes around and sprays, why do homeowners need this service?
    The Mosquito Joe van works a little differently than that city truck! A city mosquito truck sprays a dense fog hoping to eradicate adult mosquitoes. Their service can only reach mosquitoes in close proximity to the truck. Our technicians are trained to provide a custom treatment for each individual property or situation. They will walk your property each visit and treat it with a methodology specific to your yard.

As we said before, these questions are just a few that you’ll start to explore while you’re researching the MoJo opportunity. Owning a Mosquito Joe provides the independence of running your own business with the strong foundation of guidance and support from an established corporate office. Mosquito control is also a fast growing and emerging industry – one that will make you the neighborhood hero!

There are a couple of great reasons to join Mosquito Joe before the end of 2015, too. You can meet our fast-growing group of franchise partners at our Annual Convention in February and learn from their experience. You can also be trained and ready to showcase your new business in home shows as these typically take place early in the year and are a great way to get customers and build brand awareness. To continue your research on Mosquito Joe, visit our franchise website or contact us to learn how you can become a Mosquito Joe franchise partner in your area.


Mosquito Joe Makes List of Top Franchises for Veterans

2015 has been the best year yet for Mosquito Joe.  Our tremendous growth and increased success have made us a leading franchise name in the pest control industry.  Although the year isn’t quite over, we’re finishing it with a bang!

We are very excited to announce that Mosquito Joe has made Franchise Business Review‘s annual list of Top Franchises for Veterans.  This is the only list based on data from actual veterans.  The review analyzed survey data from over 3,000 veteran franchise owners from 285 various franchises.

Mosquito Joe Veteran Franchisee“Many franchises entice veterans to invest via special incentives and discounts, but what really matters is what happens after they buy a franchise. The franchises featured in our Top Franchises For Veterans report have earned the seal of approval from the veterans who own them,” says Michelle Rowan, President of Franchise Business Review.

One in seven franchises – more than 66,000 – in the U.S. is owned by a veteran, according to VetFran, a program founded to provide access and opportunities in franchising to veterans and their spouses.  Mosquito Joe provides an established corporate structure that many veterans appreciate after working within a system like the military.  There is also plenty of opportunity for leadership while also working with a team.

“Those with a military background tend to transition well into franchising because they have excellent experience in operations and working within a system to follow and execute a plan for success,” says Angela Zerda, Director of Marketing for Mosquito Joe, “The drive and dedication it takes to run a business comes quite naturally for veterans.”

Having multiple military connections in the MoJo Corporate office as well as numerous veteran franchisees gives this recognition even more meaning.  Making Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchises For Veterans list shows that we have earned the respect of our veteran franchisees.  Mosquito Joe offers a discount for veterans in the form of $2,500 off the $25,000 initial franchise fee.  Interested in learning more about this franchise opportunity?  Visit our Mosquito Joe franchise page for more information.


Cruising with Mosquito Joe: Ford Transit Connect

When we started franchising in 2013, our first goal was to create a brand that resonated with our customers and made them feel as passionate about getting outside as we do. Check. Next in line was finding a vehicle that fulfilled three tasks: serving as a marketing tool,  providing an organized and professional way to bring the service to residents, and being fuel efficient. Check, check and check.

All of our preferred vendors set us up beautifully with the Ford Transit Connect. Here’s how we accomplished our goals:

  • Marketing tool: Each of our franchisees drives a Ford Transit Connect with a Mosquito Joe wrap. With the bold colors and catchy tagline, the MoJo van is a can’t-miss-head-turner while driving by, even on a busy street.  Some of our franchisees have bought an extra Ford Transit to use solely to keep the brand on the road, even during the off-season. They take their kids to school in it, go out to dinner in it, and use it for events to draw the crowd’s attention to Mosquito Joe.  Our corporate-run territory in Virginia Beach – Norfolk uses it to collect toy donations from customers around the holidays for Toys for Tots and our locations in Baltimore and Annapolis use it to collect donations for the Maryland Food Bank. It is thevanside perfect “driving billboard” – one that customers easily recognize pulling into their driveway.
  • Organized and professional: The Transit Connect is fully enclosed, which ensures our product stays inside the vehicle and locked whenever the technicians are away from the vehicle spraying. No hoses, no tanks out in the open, and no possibility of it falling out while driving down the road. With shelving installed throughout the back, everything stays in place and is easily accessible for our technicians throughout their work day. We pride ourselves on having a clean mosquito control operation and this vehicle helps support that.
  • Fuel efficient: As you can imagine, our technicians service multiple addresses on any given day, so fuel efficiency is key. The Ford Transit Connect gets about 22 miles per gallon.  That, combined with the other factors of marketing and how organized it is, made the Transit Connect an easy choice for our business.

Home service companies rely heavily on the vehicles that run their business day in and day out, so choosing the right vehicle is an important decision. When you are considering what vehicle to use for your franchise opportunity, it is important to think through what you want to accomplish. Will your customers see this daily? What do you need to store? How many people should it fit? Once you’ve created your checklist, find a reputable vendor that can help you walk through the process of setting up a partnership that benefits the vendor and franchisees.

The Ford Transit Connect is just one of many great things about franchising with Mosquito Joe.  For more information on this opportunity including services we offer, testimonials, and steps to ownership, please visit the Mosquito Joe Franchise page.


Franchisee Training

This week we are very excited to welcome our first group of 2016 franchisees to Mosquito Joe Headquarters for new franchisee training!  While many assume that things slow down for us after our corporate-owned Virginia Beach Mosquito Joe location wraps up service for the year, that’s not actually the case.  We are constantly working to serve and educate our franchisees (new and existing), so they can develop a strong business, and this week we’re opening the doors of MoJo University for another year.  No rest for the weary!

Some of you might be wondering, what is MoJo University?

Part of what sets Mosquito Joe apart as a franchise is its system of ongoing training and support.  MoJo University is a comprehensive, four-day training program at the corporate office in Virginia Beach, Virginia that all new franchise owners must attend and complete before opening for business.  This week launches the first training session for 2016 franchise openings. The course is designed to educate franchisees in all aspects of Mosquito Joe including operations and equipment, customer service, financial planning, and marketing.  Since no previous pest control experience is necessary to own a Mosquito Joe franchise, this training is crucial to getting new locations up and running. It’s just the beginning of the amazing support Mosquito Joe Corporate offers franchisees from day one.

Chris Whiteside, a new franchise owner from Newtown, Pennsylvania says, “I’m looking forward to my week of training, so I can begin to focus on the details around our business. Through the purchasing process, I knew I wanted a seasonal business, and the uniqueness of the brand and the untapped market in my area led me to Mosquito Joe. As I begin the process, I continue to be confident in our location and look forward to the experience.”

Joining Chris at training this week are Rachael Mann from Highland Park, Illinois, Whitney Mastropierro from Westhampton, New York, Steve Brock from Summerfield, North Carolina, and David and Dale Maginness from Overland Park, Kansas.  David Maginness opened his location, Mosquito Joe of East Johnson County, in 2015 but is coming through MoJo University again for a refresher with a year of service under his belt. This time he’s bringing his father, who is one of his technicians, to increase his skill-set as well.

MoJo University training sessions are also a great time for new franchisees to get to know our stellar corporate team and get all their questions answered about running a mosquito control business.  We’re excited to kick off this next year of training. If you’re interested in learning more about our training and support, please contact a franchise development representative at [email protected].



FranTech Conference 2015

The FranTech Conference is officially underway!  This annual conference, sponsored by the International Franchise Association, provides the latest information in technology and digital marketing to franchise professionals.  Mosquito Joe’s Marketing Director, Angela Zerda, is attending this year’s conference to learn about the latest innovations and make 2016 a great year for the franchise.

“FranTech is a great opportunity to converse with other franchise and digital marketing companies about the ever-changing online landscape. It’s a great opportunity to learn best practices and explore new ideas for Mosquito Joe that will benefit our franchisees at a local level as well as the national brand,” said Zerda.

This year’s conference Featured Speakers include Mike Walsh and Jeremy Lynch.  Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a consulting agency that helps businesses navigate the chaos of modern technology.  Lynch works on Facebook’s Small and Medium Business Community team, which helps local businesses understand how to best use the platform for growth and connectivity.  Other speakers include representatives from Google, the Dwyer Group, and FASTSIGNS.

The conference also features a Think Tank, where attendees can network with one another to discuss and discover how other businesses manage marketing and technology tactics.  Smaller breakout sessions focus on specialized topics such as mobile marketing, the virtual workplace, and Google Analytics, among others.

After Day One of the conference Zerda reported, “Some of the most interesting conversations were around the incredible growth of the mobile landscape over even just the past year.  With consumers depending on mobile devices for solutions to their immediate needs, it is imperative that we are well-positioned there.”

Check out the conference brochure here.

FranTech 2015 is one of many franchise-focused conferences held around the country every year designed to keep franchise professionals informed, educated and learning from each other.  Mosquito Joe prioritizes attending conferences like FranTech so we can continue to drive our business goals and provide the best resources for both franchisees and customers.  We strive to use the most effective marketing and technology solutions to boost productivity, grow the business and make outside fun again.

Stay tuned to this blog for the latest in franchise news and development.


Understanding Your Franchise Fee with Mosquito Joe

As we’ve mentioned here many times, Mosquito Joe is experiencing amazing growth on our quest to make outside fun again.  The 2015 season saw 114 franchise locations open across 24 states, with many more expected to be added in 2016.  If you’ve been thinking about a new business opportunity in an exploding market, we hope you consider Mosquito Joe in your plans for next year.  We are ecstatic to be growing so quickly and are really looking forward to another year in the franchise business!

Those looking into the outdoor pest control market should note that signing with Mosquito Joe before the end of October will save you $5,000!  On November 1st , our one-time franchise fee will increase from $20,000 to $25,000.  If you’ve been exploring franchising as an option, you may find yourself wondering what exactly all these fees include.  This breakdown of the Mosquito Joe franchise fee will hopefully make the process easy to understand and evaluate.  Our franchisees are the core of this business, so we want anyone coming on board to feel like they are getting the best bang for their buck!

Exclusive Market

Perhaps most importantly, the fee promises market exclusivity to the franchisee for whichever territories have been purchased.  Something not often found among other franchise businesses, this means that once awarded the territory, you are the only person who can market to and service customers in that area.

“Join the Club”

After signing agreements, franchisees are required to come to Mosquito Joe headquarters in Virginia Beach to attend MoJo University.  The franchise fee contributes to this comprehensive, 4-day training that covers everything from equipment operation and brand compliance to marketing strategies and best business practices.  Here, franchisees get a chance to learn the business inside-out and work with the corporate team closely before officially opening for business.

Ongoing Support

From the initial signing to opening day and beyond, you will probably have a lot of questions.  The franchise fee partially covers all support you receive from the Mosquito Joe team moving forward including marketing, operations, and call center support.

Mosquito Joe continues to beat out the competition when it comes to the cost of opening a franchise in the outdoor pest control market.  Franchise Business Review even ranked MoJo as one of the Top Low Cost Franchises in the country.  You can find all of the details and steps to ownership on our franchise website. Please contact us with any questions.  We would love to get you on the path to being a fellow Joe!



Third Quarter Brings Amazing Growth to Mosquito Joe

Growth would be an understatement for the type of expansion Mosquito Joe experienced in the third quarter of 2015.  In the past four months, Mosquito Joe has entered new communities around the country with a strong brand and even stronger services to make the outdoors safe and enjoyable.  We are very excited to announce that MoJo has more than doubled in size from where we were one year ago with 210 territories sold to 95 unique franchisees!  And we’re not stopping there…

With several ongoing initiatives through the end of 2015, Mosquito Joe aims to surpass last year’s success by an even wider margin.  System-wide sales are projected to be upwards of 220% over those from last year.  We are also forecasting 200 territories open and operating by the end of 2016.

The surge in success is due in large part to Mosquito Joe’s strong reputation among its existing clientele spread over 24 states.  Our franchisees not only provide mosquito control services, but a lifestyle product that allows thousands of people to enjoy being outside again.  The demand for these services is constantly increasing as more and more people discover the amazing benefits of Mosquito Joe, painting a bright future for the brand.  The franchise is certainly emerging as an industry leader and is looking for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to enter a high-gross margin business.  Franchise Business Review and Entrepreneur Magazine listed Mosquito Joe as a Top Multi-Unit Franchise of 2015 and a Top New Franchise Opportunity of 2015 respectively.  Those interested in exploring the franchise opportunity with Mosquito Joe should act quickly – the franchise fee is increasing to $25,000 on November 1st.

With such amazing growth this year, we thought it was time to welcome some new faces into the corporate office!  You may have already met Tracey, our new Marketing Assistant, who is working on brand management, franchisee support, and customer recruitment.  David is working alongside Joe Money as our new Financial Analyst, running data reports and keeping the books in order.  And last but certainly not least is Kieran, our newest Franchise Business Coach, who will be one of the main contacts for franchisees from startup to opening and beyond.  Keep an eye on our Corporate Blog for posts about David and Kieran coming soon!


Join Mosquito Joe Before the End of October and SAVE!

Mosquito Joe is experiencing amazing growth, providing mosquito control services for neighborhoods across the country and bringing relief from pesky bugs like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.  This year, we have 114 mosquito control franchise locations open across 23 states, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the next year will bring.  If you’ve been thinking about a new business opportunity, we hope the next year includes you!

The mosquito control industry is an emerging, high growth market experiencing widespread acceptance as a service homeowners and businesses value and desire.  News about West Nile Virus and other vector borne illnesses is popping up almost daily, and mosquito populations are thriving.  A Mosquito Joe franchise is a high margin, seasonal business opportunity that can be run from virtually any home or office.  While it’s a great stand-alone opportunity, it also nicely complements an existing business.  And if you join us before November 1st, you can save $5,000 on our already low franchise fee.

Jeff Holmes, a Mosquito Joe franchise owner in South Shore, Kentucky explains why he chose an opportunity to join the MoJo team: “I see Mosquito Joe as an opportunity to help families just like ours get back outside and enjoy their yards. The company’s slogan is, “Making outside fun again.” This really resonated with my wife and I. The mosquito season coincides with my teaching profession, so I still get to work with my students. I’ve always wanted to own my own business and this one seems to “fit us like a glove.”’

Top Reasons to Join Mosquito Joe Before the End of 2015

Contact us soon to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Meet our fast-growing group of franchise partners at our Annual Convention in February and learn from their experiences
  • Be trained and ready to showcase your business at home shows in your area (these typically take place early in the year and are a great way to attract customers while building brand awareness in your community)
  • Save $5,000 if you sign by the end of October – our one-time franchise fee will increase from $20,000 to $25,000 effective November 1, 2015

This is definitely an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. And who doesn’t want to be the neighborhood hero? Take the first step by giving us a call today at 855-564-6563 or by filling out our online information request form.


21 States in 21 Months

The past two years have been a whirlwind of planning, launching, growing, and of course making outside fun again. When we started franchising we set some high goals for ourselves because we knew this business opportunity was not only smart, but that what we do is a much-needed service in communities across the United States. Last week, we surpassed a big goal and we’re so excited to share our news with you.

When we started franchising in January of 2013, we set a goal to sell 90 territories by the end of 2014. At the time it was hard to imagine, but last week we did it. To date, we have sold 102 territories (63 of those in 2014!) and we still have 3 months left in the year! This is such a huge milestone for us in more ways than one. It makes us most proud of the franchisees we’ve recruited in these short 21 months. Mosquito Joe locations in 21 states are keeping customers safe and itch free and allowing them to take back their yards, barns, farms, gardens, little league fields, parks and even a zoo. But not only that, they’re amazing people and we’re excited to work with them each and every day. You can read all about crossing into triple digit territories here!

If you’re reading this and you’re curious about the opportunity, all I can say is start exploring. And if we’re already on your radar, act fast because our franchise fee is increasing at the end of October. But if you think mosquito control is something you can’t do, you should know you don’t need pest control experience to get started. In fact, most of our franchisees don’t have any pest control experience or even small business experience. That’s part of what’s so great about our franchise system – we provide all the training and systems for you! So think about us. We’ll be here…and growing.