Mosquito Joe Joins the Neighborly Family


Neighborly is one of the largest and most trusted home service companies in the world. With a customer base of over 7 million users, Neighborly connects homeowners with local home service experts and strives to be a one-stop-shop when consumers need a hand, whether it’s with their landscaping, cleaning, windows, plumbing or appliances. The values-driven business is focused on providing a seamless and all-encompassing user experience and exceptional customer service.

Mosquito Joe enthusiastically joined Neighborly’s roster of 14 home service brands in August 2018 and became the resident expert in mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other outdoor pests. With Neighborly’s network of over 2,700 franchise owners, Mosquito Joe is part of a larger franchise system that adds a valuable service and contributes to the company’s vision to repair, maintain and enhance customers’ homes.

Being a part of this network allows Mosquito Joe franchisees to reap numerous benefits. Utilizing an extensive customer pool, having buying power on supplies and equipment and taking advantage of a local support system of fellow Neighborly franchisees are among the perks.

Because of common values and business processes, adding Mosquito Joe into this franchise system was a natural fit. Brands within the Neighborly family are likely ones you’re familiar with – or already use! Below we’re highlighting a few of our fellow Neighborly brands and how their similarities to Mosquito Joe make them great partners, for our franchisees, our customers and in the home services industry.

Molly Maid

In 1984, Molly Maid was started with the mission to give Americans a reliable and affordable option for home cleaning services. Over 30 years later, the company boasts 450 franchises nationwide and performed 1.7 million cleans in 2017 alone. Similar to Mosquito Joe, Molly Maid follows a recurring business model in order to yield optimal results.

The Grounds Guys

What began as an idea shared between 10 brothers in 1987 has grown into a popular landscaping franchise with over 180 locations in the United States. With residential and commercial services such as lawn maintenance, irrigation and fertilization, the Grounds Guys help customers enjoy their outdoor space, just like the services offered by Mosquito Joe.

Mr. Rooter

Founded in 1970, Mr. Rooter began as a small plumbing company offering a high-quality service at an affordable rate. Franchised in 1989, the company now has over 190 locations nationwide. The company is able to offer plumbing services that range from clogged drains to sewer line repair. Mr. Rooter and Mosquito Joe both take pride in respecting customers’ property and using assessment protocols prior to completing service.

Mr. Appliance

Recognized as the country’s leading appliance repair franchise, Mr. Appliance has been providing fixes to residential and commercial equipment for over 20 years. Mr. Appliance technicians are skilled in repairing appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Due to the extensive service offerings and trade-specific skills, both Mr. Appliance and Mosquito Joe send expert technicians to consumers’ homes in order to get the job completed.

These businesses, as well as other Neighborly concepts, have warmly welcomed Mosquito Joe into the family. We are looking forward to learning and growing with Neighborly. Learn more about how to begin the process of bringing Mosquito Joe, a Neighborly company, to your area!


The Mosquito Joe Million Dollar Club: Paul VanWagner


Mosquito Joe continues to be a leading brand in the mosquito control industry. We now have franchisees who’ve made over $1M and some approaching $2M in gross revenue this year! Once a franchisee reaches this milestone, they’re officially part of an elite group known as the Million Dollar Club (MDC). Mosquito Joe rewards franchisees for this exceptional achievement by coming together in Napa Valley, CA for a little R&R! Over the course of two days, franchisees collaborate amongst themselves, sharing best practices and success stories. It’s truly admirable to witness the knowledge shared and relationships built throughout the duration of this event. These franchisees have earned national recognition and deserve to be rewarded for the hard work they put into their businesses day in and day out. Congratulations to our 2018 Million Dollar Club members!

We could talk all day about what it takes to join this club, but who better to describe their journeys than the members themselves? Our blog series The Mosquito Joe Million Dollar Club visits with different franchise owners to talk about their franchising story. This week, we talked with Paul Van Wagner, owner of Mosquito Joe of Montgomery County. Paul joined Mosquito Joe in 2015. He currently owns 4 territories and is joining the Million Dollar Club for the first time this year. Check out our conversation with him below!

1) Why did you start looking into franchising, and why did you ultimately choose Mosquito Joe?  

I was looking for a business for my son to get into that he could operate and grow with. And we wanted to find a business where we could help our community. Eliminating annoying, disease carrying insects helps everyone and our MoJo customers can make outside fun again!

2) What do you enjoy most about being a franchise owner?

I have been self-employed since I was 22 years old, so it’s in my blood. But the MoJo Franchise was highly recommended by a good friend and MoJo Zee, Kurt Godwin, and he was right on, as the Corporate support and culture of everyone in the company have been over the top. MoJo only uses the highest quality products and our customer service and communication with our customers is the best in our industry.

3) Who are the primary employees in your business and how do they contribute to your success?

The first season in 2015, my son, John, and I ran the business with one part time office staff and 4 techs. It was a real challenge as the business did much better than expected. I wanted to pull my hair out by September that first season. But it was a great way to learn the entire business and I would not change a thing now.

4) Describe your current business operation: how many employees, how many trucks, how many territories? 

We hired an awesome office manager in 2016, Bari.  She runs the office and office staff. John is the operations manager and oversees the techs and support for all operations. We had 5 office staff and 21 techs for the 2018 season running 9 vans. We own 4 territories. We will always be fully staffed so we can offer the customer service our community deserves and expects.

5) What is one piece of advice you would offer to first year Mosquito Joe franchisees?

Learn it from the ground up. Learn everything you can so you will be the person training and teaching the staff the way you want them trained. The Corporate office can provide excellent training, but you may want to tweak some of that to fit your needs. Franchisees and all their staff should go to the training the Corporate office provides and reach out to existing zees for advice. Why reinvent the wheel! Much of our success is due to the support and advice we received from our good friends and MoJo Zees, Kurt and Melissa Godwin.

6) What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone just beginning their search for a franchise opportunity?

I cannot stress enough how important it was for us to have the support from the MoJo Corporate office and from other experienced MoJo Zees. This was invaluable to us. For anyone looking for a franchise opportunity, the MoJo brand is new/young enough to have exceptional growth opportunity, but old enough to also be the “Best/Top” brand in the outdoor pest control industry. I think MoJo is close to surpassing our top competitor who has been in business almost twice as long.

7) How did you feel becoming a member of the Million Dollar Club?

Making the MDC was awesome, it’s a goal we had set for our 3rd year and we just missed that, but we surpassed it in 2018 and the next goal will be 2 million in the next few years.

 8) Where do you see your Mosquito Joe business in the next 2-3 years?

We opened our last (4th ) territory in 2018 (we will only service our local community, Montgomery County, MD, so we can always provide exceptional customer service). I feel like MoJo is the “go-to” vendor for outdoor pest control in our area due to all the reasons that make us the best. We anticipate to continue our year over year growth and believe we will hit the 2 million mark in the year 2020. John and Bari will have more control of the business moving forward. The goal when we purchased the business was to provide an opportunity for our son to get into a business he could operate and help grow. It has turned into more than that, as it will also provide us with a supplement income over the coming years.


How Mosquito Joe Uses Social Media to Stay Connected

Here at Mosquito Joe, our scroll-stopping content across popular social media channels has made us one of the industry leaders in social media marketing and engagement. We’re often complimented on our eye-catching graphics, behind the scenes perspectives and insightful industry updates. Learning what our audience wants to see and monitoring what they are engaging with the most helps us create content and designs that make our followers look forward to what’s coming next.

Social Media Graphic Example 1 Social Media Graphic Example 2 Social Media Graphic Example 3


 Social media provides our franchisees the power to tap into their communities with Facebook business Pages dedicated to their locally owned and operated business. Reaching out to other businesses in their area for networking and sponsorship opportunities, promoting an upcoming event to those who live nearby and offering service specials and fun contests to followers are just a few of the things Mosquito Joe business owners can do with their very own Facebook business Page. Leads and customers are also able to react to posts, engage with comments and private message the individual pages, creating another open line of communication with the consumer.

Local Example 1 Local Example 2 Local Example 3


Studies show that 19% of time spent on a mobile device is spent on Facebook. That means more people spend the majority of their mobile life on Facebook than any other app on their phone. With effective digital marketing strategies in place, we can use social media, specifically Facebook, to advertise our services and target our audience based on various categories. Want to create additional excitement about an upcoming holiday or campaign? Social media makes it easy (not to mention affordable) and our Corporate team is ready to walk you through that process. Who knows, you could be a Facebook advertising guru in no time.

Did you know you can target consumers online based on their age, relationship status or hobbies? You can even target those who’ve recently visited your website – pretty neat, huh?


With the recent launch of the Mosquito Joe Instagram account, we are able to use crisp, captivating imagery to tell our brand story to an even broader audience. The Instagram Story feature makes it easy to highlight aspects of our business as they happen out in the field and we’re proud to be leading the pest control industry on this platform.


We’d love for you to connect with us! Mosquito Joe maintains a Corporate presence on the following social media platforms:

Join a franchise family that stays on top of marketing trends and keeps up with the latest happenings across the digital world. With extensive training on digital marketing and social media management, you can feel confident in providing additional exposure to your business in an online community that “likes” the brand we know and love. Contact us today for more information on franchising opportunities near you!


2018 Customer Reviews

By joining the Mosquito Joe family, you join a community of excellence. Known for our dedication to customer satisfaction, we truly aim to make every aspect of the customer experience as easy and efficient as possible so customers can get back to what matters, enjoying their yard! If we haven’t convinced you of how great our services and their results are, allow our customer reviews to turn you into a believer!

Getting Customers Back Outside:

“I am BEYOND impressed with Mosquito Joe. I am a mosquito magnet and also trying to start a family so it’s super important for me to not get bitten, but I LOVE being outside. This is the first year EVER that I’ve been able to enjoy being outside without being smothered in bug spray from head to toe. Furthermore, it’s rained so much in Franklin lately that even if the spray does not dry before it rains, Mosquito Joe has been more than willing to come out and do a booster spray once I did get bitten. In short – y’all are AWESOME! If anyone is on the fence about getting their yards sprayed, take the plunge – you will NOT regret it!!!!!”

“It is amazing how I now enjoy my backyard more than I ever have. I no longer have to spray repellant on myself and forge through working in my backyard. My friends would often come over and leave early when the mosquitos came out but now they look forward to coming over and staying late…”

“This is a great service and the people are awesome; I look forward to many mosquito-free years of enjoying my backyard.”


Standing Out Against our Competition:

 “OMGoodness!!!!!!  We tried two other pest control companies regarding our mosquito issue.  Anytime we were in the backyard or on our wonderful, newly redone deck was a walking human buffet for all mosquitoes, my hubby would get one or two bites, and our four sons would average 10-15 bites. After two applications by Mosquito Joe, I am thrilled to report that we are sitting at and eating on the deck. I’m picking tomatoes from my plants, AND able to work on my flower bed without a SINGLE mosquito bite. (This is NOT a paid endorsement. I’m just a customer North of the River who was able to get outside without getting gnawed on!!!)”


Exceeding Expectations with Customer Service:

“Love Mosquito Joe!! Great customer service. Promised me if I saw mosquitoes after application, they would come out and re-spray. But guess what, no and I mean no mosquitoes, none 10 minutes after application. I have never been able to enjoy my backyard after 4 pm. And now, I can go swimming at night, play with my dog outside after 4:00 or even earlier. I’m in a heavy wooded area, so couldn’t believe it would work. Omg!!! When technician came to my house, with a big smile, introducing himself, and promising if I had any problems, to call and he would be right out to re-spray. Kudos for a great employee. Just came out for 2nd Application, 3 weeks after first, same great smile and service.”

 “From scheduling to service, the process was easy. I can now enjoy my yard again. I recommend that everyone enjoy their yards again, and this is a simple way to do just that.  Thank you to all the Joes.”


Mosquito Joe is proud to make outdoor fun possible for the whole family. Whether your customers enjoy gardening, playing fetch or sun-bathing, our barrier treatments make all of these activities itch-free. Make the decision today to become a part of our dedicated team by clicking here. The next review could be about you!


The Buzz About Our Branding

When considering the purchase of a franchise, a key element to explore is the company’s brand identity. Is there a consistent tone in the messaging? Are the use of colors, fonts and logos consistent across all platforms? Is it something you can be passionate about as a business owner? Although playful and fun, our brand and messaging are something we take great pride in at Mosquito Joe – it differentiates us from our competitors and helps us stand out in a flourishing pest control industry.


Our brand promise: Outside is fun again.

The Mosquito Joe brand is more than an outdoor pest control brand, it’s a lifestyle. By focusing on the benefits our services can give our customers, we can promise to make outside fun again for those who’ve become a stranger to their outdoor spaces due to mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. You can feel confident joining the Mosquito Joe family, proudly representing the brand and bringing endless outdoor fun to your local community.

Our typography and colors:

Choosing the colors and fonts to represent a brand is no easy task. Let our marketing efforts send the message for you with our fun, eye-catching colors. Our bright green and yellow help consumers know that we’re playful, fresh and clean, and aid in the messaging that your outdoor space can be too. A good font is the backbone of design. Our fonts are rounded and easy to read, helping to send a fun, to the point message to our audience.  The consumer’s outdoor space doesn’t need to be a dreary one, and our typography and color palette do a great job getting that point across.

Catchy slogans that express our personality:

Mosquito Joe knows that a good slogan is one of the best ways to draw attention to a marketing piece. Slogans reveal personality and help to set a realistic and fun tone of voice for our brand. We’re proud to have a witty team of slogan-generating experts always ready to brainstorm the funniest, giggle-worthy slogans in our industry. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Stop smacking yourself in the face.
  • Did you mean to donate blood on the way to the mailbox?
  • Your backyard, our battlefield.
  • Get inside quick. Then call us.
Letting images tell the story:

A picture says a thousand words, right? That’s definitely the case for the images we use here at Mosquito Joe. Our selected photography captures the imagination and helps tell our brand story. A plethora of Mosquito Joe marketing materials are filled with crisp, bright images of families, friends, kids and pets all experiencing the joy our services provide – an itch-free outdoor space.

                                       Family In Grass 

Live the brand!Looking to join us in living the Mosquito Joe brand we are all so proud of? Experience what it’s like to be backed by a top-notch marketing team that’s here to help drive creative branding into your neighborhood. To begin the steps of consideration for our franchising opportunity, visit our website to request more information and get in touch with our franchising experts today! (Who knows, you may be able to see yourself in one of our Mosquito Joe polo shirts in 2019.)


Beat the Bloodsuckers: Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2018

Each year Mosquito Joe recognizes the importance of Mosquito Control Awareness Week through our Beat the Bloodsuckers campaign. Our goal is to raise awareness in the communities in which we operate about the importance of mosquito control and the amazing work of non-profits like blood banks and Nothing But Nets. Although this week falls during one of our busiest months of the year, it does not stop our passionate franchisees from giving back in their communities. This year, National Mosquito Control Awareness Week (MCAW), recognized by the American Mosquito Control Association, fell on June 24th – June 30th, and it was a memorable week for Mosquito Joe.

Mosquitoes date back to over 100 million years, which means they’re not going anywhere anytime soon so it’s important to protect your families and furry friends. Not only are they nuisances who ruin your outdoor fun, but they can transmit dangerous diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). The diseases mosquitoes carry make them one of the deadliest creatures on earth, responsible for over 1 million deaths every year. Luckily, here in the U.S. we’re able to combat these pesky bugs with a professional mosquito control service like Mosquito Joe. Our franchisees are dedicated to spreading awareness about mosquitoes and the illnesses they cause as well as working to fight off mosquito populations in their local areas. MCAW brings professional mosquito control to light and we’re thankful for this opportunity to give back.

Beat The Bloodsuckers
This is Mosquito Joe’s sixth year participating in our Beat the Bloodsuckers campaign. Franchisees had the opportunity to partner with a local blood bank in their area or with our philanthropic partner, Nothing But Nets. Mosquito Joe locations across the country joined with local blood banks donating 10% of new customer sales from that week to their blood bank of choice. This year we were able to donate over $7,000 and partner with 26 blood banks!

For the second year in a row, Mosquito Joe partnered with Nothing But Nets, a global grassroots campaign that was established in 2006. Since then, they’ve raised over $65 million to help deliver 12 million bed nets to families in need, along with other crucial malaria interventions like diagnostic treatments and training of healthcare workers. A mosquito net sent to someone in need is just $10; for every new Mosquito Joe customer signed during MCAW, a net was sent! This year our company raised over $24,000, sending 2,413 life-saving nets during Mosquito Control Awareness Week to those in need!

Mosquito Control Awareness Graphic 2018


The Buzz!
Our amazing franchisees were out there rocking it in their local communities to spread awareness around the importance of mosquito control. Mosquito Joe locations were featured 131 times across the U.S. and secured 14 TV segments in just one week. We’re excited so many franchisees were able to further educate their communities on mosquito control, and how important it really is to keep our families and furry friends itch-free! Check out a few highlights below:

We’re very proud of our franchisees and so happy we were able to give back to these non-profit organizations by supporting the amazing work that they do through our 2018 Beat the Bloodsuckers campaign. Mosquito Joe continues to partner with Nothing But Nets through our ongoing MoJo Bites Back campaign. To support us in our mission, consider donating to our MoJo Bites Back campaign as we raise funds for malaria and bring awareness to malaria-stricken areas. It will only cost you $10 to send a net; make a difference for a family in need today!

Thanks to our participating franchisees, each blood bank that we partnered with, Nothing But Nets, and our AMAZING customers that helped make this year’s Beat the Bloodsuckers campaign the huge success that it was.


Mosquito Joe Named a Top Low-Cost Franchise by Franchise Business Review

Mosquito Joe was identified by independent franchisee satisfaction research firm, Franchise Business Review, as one of only 80 franchises to qualify for its 2018 Top Low-Cost Franchises list. Brands on the list had to have high franchisee satisfaction and an investment of under $100,000 at the time their franchisees participated in Franchise Business Review’s franchisee satisfaction survey.

Franchise Business Review provides the only ranking of franchises based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. These rankings are published as part of the annual Guide to Today’s Top Franchises, as well as in quarterly reports throughout the year that rank the top franchises in specific sectors.

Thousands of franchisees representing nearly 150 low-cost brands participated in Franchise Business Review’s franchisee satisfaction survey between November 2016 and May 2018. Mosquito Joe’s franchisees were surveyed on 33 benchmark questions about their experience and satisfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise systems, including training and support, operations, franchisor/franchisee relations and financial opportunity.

Let’s hear from one of Mosquito Joe’s very own franchisees: “Melissa and I loved the branding, the business model, and the team. Everything was in place from day one and we knew there would be a need in our hometown. With Mosquito Joe, we’re making a living and changing the lives of people who could never enjoy the outside.” – Kurt and Melissa Godwin – Million Dollar Club Members – Mosquito Joe of Baltimore- Annapolis.

“Many people never consider buying a franchise because they think they can’t afford it. But what they don’t know is that there are a number of very solid business opportunities out there that can provide the satisfaction and perks of business ownership but don’t require a huge financial investment,” says Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review. “The low-cost franchises that made this year’s list are excellent options for those who are looking to make the leap to business ownership.”

Visit to see the full list of 2018 Top Franchises.



If you’re looking for a fun, fast growing opportunity with great long-term financial potential, look no further than Mosquito Joe. We’ve grown from 171 territories open and 278 territories sold in 2016 to 234 territories open and 300 sold in 2017, across 32 states. We are growing in 2018 to 288 territories open and 353 sold, spanning 35 states. We are the fastest growing company in our field and are on the verge of becoming the industry leader. None of this would be possible without our franchise owners across the country. They are the heart of our business and help fuel our success each and every day. Give us a call at 1-855-564-6563 or visit our website to learn more.





Mosquito Joe Makes Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchise List for 2018

Mosquito Joe was recognized by independent franchisee satisfaction research firm Franchise Business Review as being 1 of 50 franchises to qualify for its Top Franchise List for 2018. This list is a result of surveys sent to the system that gauges franchisee satisfaction and gives performance reviews. Franchise Business Review surveyed around 30,000 franchise owners, representing 334 franchise brands, to determine the Top 50 Franchises in four size classes. Mosquito Joe falls within the “large” class size with 288 locations.

“Our Mosquito Joe business opportunity provides a simple, low-cost, seasonal business that can allow you more time to spend with your family and the freedom of working for yourself,” said Lou Schager, President of Mosquito Joe.  “Our extensive corporate support system and recurring revenue model means you can thrive as a business owner in a high-growth market.  Homeowners and businesses alike are realizing the necessity of mosquito, tick and flea control services, so our operators can also feel good about serving their community while making outside fun again.”

The 50 brands that made the 2018 Top Franchise List did so as a result of their franchisees rating high satisfaction within their systems. Visit the Franchise Business Review website to see the full list of 2018 Top Franchise Opportunities and check out Mosquito Joe’s Franchise Business Review Profile here.

“Melissa and I loved the branding, the business model, and the team. Everything was in place from day one and we knew there would be a need in our hometown. With Mosquito Joe, we’re making a living and changing the lives of people who could never enjoy the outside.” – Kurt and Melissa Godwin, Mosquito Joe Franchise Owners & Million Dollar Club Members – Baltimore- Annapolis.

If you have a dream to own your own business, we can help you make that a reality. Not only can you improve your quality of life, but you can also make outside fun again for your community by becoming a Mosquito Joe franchise partner. The mosquito control industry is a high growth market, and Mosquito Joe has emerged as an industry leader with strong branding, best-in-class systems, unparalleled corporate support, and the ability to grow rapidly nationwide. There’s never been a better time to become the hero in your area and start your own Mosquito Joe franchise than right now!

If the Mosquito Joe franchise opportunity sounds like the one for you, check out our Franchise Information Page and contact our franchise development team today for more information.





Franchisee Training

One of the most important parts of finding the right franchise for you is evaluating the training programs the franchisor has in place. At Mosquito Joe we make it a priority to support our franchisees at every level with training that begins the moment you sign your name and become a part of the MoJo family! To ensure your success within our system, we take special care to provide support and guidance on a number of essential aspects of your business.

Initial Training at MoJo Headquarters

Before your business launches, you’ll complete an extensive 5-day training program at Mosquito Joe headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. During your time at MoJo University, you’ll meet with members of our Corporate team and have personal sessions focused on all aspects of the business. The education is unique and comprehensive, providing you with the opportunity to absorb valuable insight and ask questions specific to your region.

Business Operations

In most cases, buying a franchise is a new endeavor. For this reason, our Franchise Business Coaches are here to assist you with all of your business questions. Beginning with a Business Startup Checklist, your dedicated coach will guide you through all the things you’ll need to have in place before your first spray. These include: business incorporation, licenses, systems access, ordering equipment, reviewing your budget, hiring employees and more!

Marketing Support

Our brand is what sells our services and keeping it fresh and relevant is something we’re passionate about. Because we know that our franchisees aren’t all marketing geniuses, we have an in-house team guaranteed to make promoting your business as easy as pie. In addition to providing things such as graphic design, planning strategies and system software support, we also walk you through the basics of local, digital and email marketing. With a large team of experts specializing in various marketing avenues, we’ve got you covered from local grassroots efforts to national campaigns.

Customer Service

A large part of our success can be attributed to our commitment to customer satisfaction. During your initial training you’ll develop the skills to deliver a strong sales pitch that addresses customer concerns in a friendly manner and become more familiar with the Mosquito Joe guarantee that we swear by. We value our customers and pride ourselves on providing consistent, effective customer service that goes above and beyond. Don’t believe us? Click here to check out some of our recent accolades and read what our customers have to say.


With Mosquito Joe, the possibilities are endless. Our training and support allows you to feel confident in being an expert on mosquito control and an asset to your community. Your success is our success, so we work hard to create an environment that helps your business flourish. If you’re a fun, motivated individual looking to join a family-oriented team, please click here!


Six Years Later – The Growth of Mosquito Joe

We are currently in the height of mosquito season, and even though this is the busiest time of year for our franchise owners, it’s important to reflect on our sixth year of franchising and all that we’ve accomplished up to this point. What started as a mom-and-pop business in Virginia Beach, Virginia has now grown into a national franchise in 34 states providing a much-needed service to tens of thousands of families. Let’s take a look back at our journey!

The original Mosquito Joe business was created in 2010 as a local operation in Virginia Beach, VA. The current CEO of our parent company, Kevin Wilson, met with the original owners to talk about plans for expansion.  He was impressed with the concept and believed he could take the business further. Those plans became a reality, and by the end of 2013, Mosquito Joe had 15 territories open across five states. But that was just the beginning… By the end of 2014, Mosquito Joe had 34 territories open across 14 states. 2015 recorded 113 open territories across 20 states. 2016 had 171 territories open in 24 states. 2017 boasted 234 territories open in 32 states. And 2018 is expected to have over 280 territories open across 34 states. This type of growth is rare, and it’s hard to believe that in just six years, Mosquito Joe has been able to service nearly 100,000 families nationwide.

Not only has Mosquito Joe expanded across the country, but because of our growth and the passion of our franchisees, we are able to travel to some pretty cool places for our annual franchisee convention. The 2014 and 2015 conventions were held in Virginia Beach, Virginia to keep things close to home and garner as much attendance as possible. 2016 brought the team down to Clearwater, Florida so we could enjoy some warm weather in January. And we loved it so much, that we went even further south for our 2017 and 2018 conventions to Cancun, Mexico! This convention is our biggest event of the year, bringing together franchisees, Corporate staff, and vendors to socialize, learn from one another, and have some fun.

But none of this growth would be possible without the Corporate team who not only launched this brand to its successful status today, but continues to support it and its franchisees on a daily basis. The original team from 2013 included six people. Today, Mosquito Joe is home to a staff of over 45 of the hardest working people in franchising.

Our growth is extremely impressive, but our franchisees and their services are what is gaining us national attention. We are honored to have received various accolades over the years including, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, Inc. Magazine’s 5000 of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, and Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchise Award, among others. But our most coveted award is the Best Places to Work Award from Inc. Magazine. This is a testament to our franchisees and our Corporate staff who all create an empowering work environment and make it a joy to be part of this company.

If you would like to join us for year seven of our journey to become to leading mosquito control business in the country, please contact us about our franchise opportunities. We are currently accepting candidates for our 2019 class and would love to have you on board.