How Mosquito Joe Uses Social Media to Stay Connected

Here at Mosquito Joe, our scroll-stopping content across popular social media channels has made us one of the industry leaders in social media marketing and engagement. We’re often complimented on our eye-catching graphics, behind the scenes perspectives and insightful industry updates. Learning what our audience wants to see and monitoring what they are engaging with the most helps us create content and designs that make our followers look forward to what’s coming next.

Social Media Graphic Example 1 Social Media Graphic Example 2 Social Media Graphic Example 3


 Social media provides our franchisees the power to tap into their communities with Facebook business Pages dedicated to their locally owned and operated business. Reaching out to other businesses in their area for networking and sponsorship opportunities, promoting an upcoming event to those who live nearby and offering service specials and fun contests to followers are just a few of the things Mosquito Joe business owners can do with their very own Facebook business Page. Leads and customers are also able to react to posts, engage with comments and private message the individual pages, creating another open line of communication with the consumer.

Local Example 1 Local Example 2 Local Example 3


Studies show that 19% of time spent on a mobile device is spent on Facebook. That means more people spend the majority of their mobile life on Facebook than any other app on their phone. With effective digital marketing strategies in place, we can use social media, specifically Facebook, to advertise our services and target our audience based on various categories. Want to create additional excitement about an upcoming holiday or campaign? Social media makes it easy (not to mention affordable) and our Corporate team is ready to walk you through that process. Who knows, you could be a Facebook advertising guru in no time.

Did you know you can target consumers online based on their age, relationship status or hobbies? You can even target those who’ve recently visited your website – pretty neat, huh?


With the recent launch of the Mosquito Joe Instagram account, we are able to use crisp, captivating imagery to tell our brand story to an even broader audience. The Instagram Story feature makes it easy to highlight aspects of our business as they happen out in the field and we’re proud to be leading the pest control industry on this platform.


We’d love for you to connect with us! Mosquito Joe maintains a Corporate presence on the following social media platforms:

Join a franchise family that stays on top of marketing trends and keeps up with the latest happenings across the digital world. With extensive training on digital marketing and social media management, you can feel confident in providing additional exposure to your business in an online community that “likes” the brand we know and love. Contact us today for more information on franchising opportunities near you!


The Buzz About Our Branding

When considering the purchase of a franchise, a key element to explore is the company’s brand identity. Is there a consistent tone in the messaging? Are the use of colors, fonts and logos consistent across all platforms? Is it something you can be passionate about as a business owner? Although playful and fun, our brand and messaging are something we take great pride in at Mosquito Joe – it differentiates us from our competitors and helps us stand out in a flourishing pest control industry.


Our brand promise: Outside is fun again.

The Mosquito Joe brand is more than an outdoor pest control brand, it’s a lifestyle. By focusing on the benefits our services can give our customers, we can promise to make outside fun again for those who’ve become a stranger to their outdoor spaces due to mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. You can feel confident joining the Mosquito Joe family, proudly representing the brand and bringing endless outdoor fun to your local community.

Our typography and colors:

Choosing the colors and fonts to represent a brand is no easy task. Let our marketing efforts send the message for you with our fun, eye-catching colors. Our bright green and yellow help consumers know that we’re playful, fresh and clean, and aid in the messaging that your outdoor space can be too. A good font is the backbone of design. Our fonts are rounded and easy to read, helping to send a fun, to the point message to our audience.  The consumer’s outdoor space doesn’t need to be a dreary one, and our typography and color palette do a great job getting that point across.

Catchy slogans that express our personality:

Mosquito Joe knows that a good slogan is one of the best ways to draw attention to a marketing piece. Slogans reveal personality and help to set a realistic and fun tone of voice for our brand. We’re proud to have a witty team of slogan-generating experts always ready to brainstorm the funniest, giggle-worthy slogans in our industry. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Stop smacking yourself in the face.
  • Did you mean to donate blood on the way to the mailbox?
  • Your backyard, our battlefield.
  • Get inside quick. Then call us.
Letting images tell the story:

A picture says a thousand words, right? That’s definitely the case for the images we use here at Mosquito Joe. Our selected photography captures the imagination and helps tell our brand story. A plethora of Mosquito Joe marketing materials are filled with crisp, bright images of families, friends, kids and pets all experiencing the joy our services provide – an itch-free outdoor space.

                                       Family In Grass 

Live the brand!Looking to join us in living the Mosquito Joe brand we are all so proud of? Experience what it’s like to be backed by a top-notch marketing team that’s here to help drive creative branding into your neighborhood. To begin the steps of consideration for our franchising opportunity, visit our website to request more information and get in touch with our franchising experts today! (Who knows, you may be able to see yourself in one of our Mosquito Joe polo shirts in 2019.)


Six Years Later – The Growth of Mosquito Joe

We are currently in the height of mosquito season, and even though this is the busiest time of year for our franchise owners, it’s important to reflect on our sixth year of franchising and all that we’ve accomplished up to this point. What started as a mom-and-pop business in Virginia Beach, Virginia has now grown into a national franchise in 34 states providing a much-needed service to tens of thousands of families. Let’s take a look back at our journey!

The original Mosquito Joe business was created in 2010 as a local operation in Virginia Beach, VA. The current CEO of our parent company, Kevin Wilson, met with the original owners to talk about plans for expansion.  He was impressed with the concept and believed he could take the business further. Those plans became a reality, and by the end of 2013, Mosquito Joe had 15 territories open across five states. But that was just the beginning… By the end of 2014, Mosquito Joe had 34 territories open across 14 states. 2015 recorded 113 open territories across 20 states. 2016 had 171 territories open in 24 states. 2017 boasted 234 territories open in 32 states. And 2018 is expected to have over 280 territories open across 34 states. This type of growth is rare, and it’s hard to believe that in just six years, Mosquito Joe has been able to service nearly 100,000 families nationwide.

Not only has Mosquito Joe expanded across the country, but because of our growth and the passion of our franchisees, we are able to travel to some pretty cool places for our annual franchisee convention. The 2014 and 2015 conventions were held in Virginia Beach, Virginia to keep things close to home and garner as much attendance as possible. 2016 brought the team down to Clearwater, Florida so we could enjoy some warm weather in January. And we loved it so much, that we went even further south for our 2017 and 2018 conventions to Cancun, Mexico! This convention is our biggest event of the year, bringing together franchisees, Corporate staff, and vendors to socialize, learn from one another, and have some fun.

But none of this growth would be possible without the Corporate team who not only launched this brand to its successful status today, but continues to support it and its franchisees on a daily basis. The original team from 2013 included six people. Today, Mosquito Joe is home to a staff of over 45 of the hardest working people in franchising.

Our growth is extremely impressive, but our franchisees and their services are what is gaining us national attention. We are honored to have received various accolades over the years including, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, Inc. Magazine’s 5000 of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, and Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchise Award, among others. But our most coveted award is the Best Places to Work Award from Inc. Magazine. This is a testament to our franchisees and our Corporate staff who all create an empowering work environment and make it a joy to be part of this company.

If you would like to join us for year seven of our journey to become to leading mosquito control business in the country, please contact us about our franchise opportunities. We are currently accepting candidates for our 2019 class and would love to have you on board.



Giving Back to the Community, MoJo Style!

Mosquito Control Awareness Week (June 24-30, 2018) is quickly approaching and there’s no better time to reflect on the passion our Corporate team and franchise partners have when it comes to fighting mosquitoes and giving back to the communities in which we operate. We are proud to show our commitment to building awareness and supporting the prevention of mosquito-borne illness through our Beat the Bloodsuckers and MoJo Bites Back campaigns, as well as incentivizing our customers and their friends through our system-wide Share the MoJo referral program. It gives us an opportunity to do what we do best while giving back to the communities we call home and those around the globe. By joining the Mosquito Joe family, you can take pride in being a part of our commitment to serving those around us.

Beat the Bloodsuckers

Every year in June, the American Mosquito Control Association recognizes Mosquito Control Awareness Week (MCAW). During this time, we educate the general public about the significance of mosquitoes in daily life and the important services provided by mosquito control experts. Mosquito Control Awareness Week is close to our hearts here at Mosquito Joe as we partner with local blood banks around the country to support the amazing work they do year-round. While we work all year long to educate our communities about mosquito control and mosquito-borne illnesses, a designated week such as this really shines the spotlight on professional mosquito control and why we need it.

MoJo Bites Back

Since we began franchising in 2012, our company’s rapid growth encouraged us to find a cause that we could partner with philanthropically to give back and share some of the success we’ve achieved as a system. We’ve had the opportunity to partner with Nothing But Nets, a global grassroots campaign whose goal is to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria. The contributions are strong and so is the relationship we’ve built with this organization and communities around the world. Our MoJo Bites Back campaign quickly began to save lives and continues to make a difference, something you can be a part of by joining our franchise family.

Share the MoJo

Don’t think we forgot about taking care of our current customers! Our Share the MoJo referral program helps those who enjoy our service spread the love and receive a reward in return. With a dedicated website, Share the MoJo gives customers the opportunity to refer a friend or family member so that they each receive a $25 account credit. It’s an easy and fun way to get people buzzing about Mosquito Joe on every block in the neighborhood. After all, friends don’t let friends get eaten, right?

Interested in being your own boss while giving back to those who can benefit from your selfless actions? Join our MoJo family comprised of individuals who are proud of their decision to own a feel-good business. Visit our website for more information and get in contact with one of our franchising representatives today!


Brad and Stephanie Simon | 2018 Rockstar Franchisees

Mosquito Joe of Arkansas has been a pioneer location for Mosquito Joe as a whole. The owners, Brad and Stephanie Simon, opened their franchise in 2013 and were among the first of our franchise partners. They now own five territories spanning across more than 300 miles and four hours of drive time. Since opening their franchise they have been able to achieve their ultimate goal: quitting their previous jobs and becoming their own boss while working together towards the same business objectives.

We are excited to celebrate that Brad and Stephanie have recently been named one of Franchise Business Review’s 2018 Rockstar Franchisees! After analyzing their research from over 27,000 franchisee surveys, across more than 300 leading franchise brands, Franchise Business Review was able to identify the best of the best in franchising today and we are thrilled that one of our very own franchisees has made the list.

In addition to this recent accolade, the Simons are part of Mosquito Joe’s Million Dollar Club, Maverick List (the MoJo franchisees believed to be going above and beyond at exceeding their business goals), and were recently named Franchisee of the Year at the Mosquito Joe 2018 Annual Convention.

We couldn’t be prouder of Brad and Stephanie for making the list and the positive example they’re setting for our system as a whole. We look forward to their continued growth and future success.

For more information on how you can become a Mosquito Joe franchisee and start working towards your own goals, request more information on our website. Start your discovery process today to see if you have what it takes to be your own boss and keep your neighborhood itch-free.


New Locations Servicing This Spring

If you’ve ever wondered what the Corporate office is doing during the colder months of the year, you can be assured that we stay very busy with the training of new Mosquito Joe franchise business owners! We have many new locations opening this spring and we’re so excited about the consistent growth of our Mosquito Joe family.

Be on the lookout for the new locations that are servicing this season in the following 18 states. If you’re interested in starting your own business, contact our team today and you could be on this list next year.


If Mosquito Joe hasn’t made it to your neck of the woods yet, why not bring it there? We have opportunities available across the country. If you’re interested in being your neighborhood Joe (and hero) visit our Franchise Information Page for more information. By starting your discovery process now, you could be on your journey soon and ready to open in 2019!

Mosquito Joe provides mosquito control treatments to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are trained mosquito control experts dedicated to one thing: getting rid of mosquitoes so that customers can enjoy being outside again. Outfitted with the latest gear and backed by the coordination of a top-notch support staff, our technicians in the field get the job done swiftly, thoroughly and effectively. Find out more about our services and how you can be a part of this growing franchise by visiting our website.


The Growth of a Franchise: Mosquito Joe Infographic

2017 was an amazing year for Mosquito Joe! We grew from 171 territories open and 278 territories sold in 2016 to 290 territories open and 344 sold in 2017. We are the fastest growing company in our field and are on the verge of becoming the industry leader. Of course, none of this would be possible without our franchise owners across the country. They are the heart of our business and help fuel our success each and every day.

We earned some pretty great awards in 2017, including:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Franchise 500 – Ranked 1st in Category
  • Franchise Business Review – Top Franchise for 2017
  • Franchise Gator – Fastest Growing Franchise for 2017
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Fastest Growing Franchises
  • Entrepreneur’s Start Ups Guide – Top Low-Cost Franchises for 2017
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top New Franchises (Ranked 1st out of 100)
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Best of the Best (1st in Pest Control)
  • Franchise Business Review – Top Low-Cost Franchise list
  • 2017 Franchise Development Website Awards
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top Franchise Brands for 2017
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – The Best Franchises for Any Budget Level
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top Franchises for Veterans
  • Franchise Business Review – Top Franchises for Veterans

Join a Growing Franchise

And it’s not too late to join us for the 2018 season! There has never been a better time to invest in Mosquito Joe than right now. We still have availability in our upcoming training classes, so we can have you trained and fully prepared to launch your own business this summer! If you are interested in learning more about our franchise opportunity, please visit our Mosquito Joe Franchise Information Website and give us a call. We’d love to bring you into the MoJo family!



What Franchisees Wish They Knew Before Starting Their Franchise

At Mosquito Joe, we really feel that starting a business is one of the most exciting journeys one can take. Our franchisees are comprised of all types of entrepreneurs – parents, military veterans, recent college graduates and even those from the corporate world. Since all markets are different and individual characteristics vary, there are many valuable lessons to be learned along the way. We’ve surveyed our Mavericks, the ones who we feel are going above and beyond at exceeding their business goals, to see what lessons they’ve learned and what tips they have for anyone curious in joining the Mosquito Joe family.

Here’s what they had to say:

  • Answer each call and respond to each lead – Take the time to explain the process to each customer. Knowledge is power and the more you can educate your leads and customers, the more you can set their expectations from the beginning to build a lasting relationship with them.
  • Take the time to train your technicians – Mosquito Joe technicians are on the frontlines with customers. Ensuring the technicians are trained to answer any question that may be presented when they’re out in the field is beneficial to your business and its growth.
  • Treat your staff well – Finding loyal, dedicated staff is always a challenge. Acknowledging the hard work your office staff and technicians add to your daily operations and celebrating their efforts and achievements is necessary for happy, honest employees. Develop relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Listen to the Corporate team – With a proven model in place, the Corporate team is always available to answer questions and guide you through your new adventure. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in training and reach out often. After all, that’s why they’re there.
  • Track your progress – Having your finances in place and tracking what initiatives you’re trying is important. Whether it’s on a pad of paper or in an organized spreadsheet, having a record of what’s coming in and out is crucial.
  • Take advantage of being your own boss – Fully commit to your business. Many Mosquito Joe franchisees found great success when they allowed themselves to focus all of their time and energy on their business. Don’t be afraid to quit your day job.
  • Network, network, network! – Take advantage of the open line of communication between all of the Mosquito Joe franchisees, through daily interactions and personal bonding at our annual Convention. Ask questions and learn from those who have already experienced what you may be ready to experience. Also, be sure to network in your community – local partners are beneficial to getting the word out about your new business.

Still itching to learn more about becoming your own boss and exploring the Mosquito Joe franchise opportunity? Request more information and we’d be happy to get in touch with you about our company, a great option for any entrepreneur!


Can’t Stop the MoJo | 2018 Franchisee Convention

Our Fifth Annual Franchisee Convention took us south of the border once again to Cancun, Mexico! Our theme was Can’t Stop the MoJo meant to celebrate our most successful year to date that included 234 territories open across 32 states. We had a wonderful week sharing ideas, learning from one another, and welcoming new faces to the MoJo family with over 300 attendees!

Mosquito Joe President Lou Schager kicked off the event with his State of MoJo address to cover our progress as a franchise system so far and our goals for the coming year. Keynote speaker, Scott Deming, discussed the impact that superb customer service, empathetic interactions, and self awareness can have on the success of a business. He left the crowd inspired to bring the MoJo brand to life and make a difference in the lives of our customers through personality, kindness, and superior customer service.

Throughout the week, franchisees attended a variety of breakout sessions in marketing, operations, and sales. These hour-long meetings offered franchisees the chance to learn about more nuanced topics in the mosquito control industry and specifically about the Mosquito Joe business model. New additions this year included two other keynote speakers on the topics of mosquito control and employment as well as more roundtable sessions. These shorter discussion-based sessions allow franchisees to discuss a variety of topics in smaller groups and a more relaxed environment. This year we were excited to induct 6 franchisees into our prestigious Million Dollar Club who serve as ambassadors to the system throughout the year.

Of course, we couldn’t leave Cancun without having a little fun! We started the week off with a welcome cocktail reception and dinner, which gave everyone a chance to unwind after a long day of traveling. Our highlight event, the annual awards dinner and ceremony, was the following night. This was our chance to recognize some of our standout franchisees from the previous year while enjoying great food and even better company. We closed out the week with an electric beach party Friday night, allowing everyone to relax after an extremely productive few days.

At every Convention, we are amazed at the growth of this company, and this year was no different. Our franchisees are the reason Mosquito Joe is such a successful business. Thank you to all of our franchisees, vendors, and staff who attended this year’s event to make it so special.

Join Us in 2019!

It’s not too late to join the MoJo crew for 2019’s Convention, which will also be in Cancun! If you’re interested in franchising with Mosquito Joe, please visit our Franchise Information page and give us a call today!

We can’t wait to see everyone again next year!  In the meantime, stay tuned to this blog for regular updates throughout 2018 as we continue to make outside fun again.


How to Spread Some Cheer as a Business This Holiday Season

I think we can all agree there is a change in the air throughout the months of November and December. There is music playing everywhere, lights lining the streets, and an greater overall sense of generosity. We here at Mosquito Joe are incredibly lucky to have our families, roofs over our heads, and big holiday meals to bring us joy this season. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Charitable giving throughout the year is becoming more the norm for businesses (which is wonderful), but this time of year usually sees an increase in giving back from both individuals and companies alike. It may seem easier for large corporations with more resources to give back, but small businesses can make a huge impact on their local communities and lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

Just a little creativity and time can go a long way! Here are a few suggestions for ways that small businesses can give back this holiday season:

Mosquito Joe Maryland Food Bank

Food Drives

If you interact with customers on a daily basis, this is a great way to donate to a great cause and work together with your customers to do so! Mosquito Joe of Baltimore-Annapolis, for example, partners with the Maryland Food Bank each year to donate canned goods to local families during the holidays. On top of their own donations, Mosquito Joe will ask their customers to leave canned goods on their doorsteps during a set period of time, which they will pick up and drop off at the food bank.

Volunteer As a Team

Giving back doesn’t have to be in the form of money or food. Giving your time to a local organization is just as valuable. Having your employees volunteer as a team is a unique way to help those in need while encouraging team bonding! Consider volunteering at a local soup kitchen or food pantry, Habitat for Humanity, or gift-wrapping drive.

Donate a Portion of Sales

A simple way to make an impact with a local organization is to donate a portion of your business’ sales over a set period of time. If there is a charity near and dear to your business (or heart), choosing a recipient is fairly easy. If not, survey your employees to see which organizations mean the most to them. You can divide donations and even match those of your employees if you’re able.

Support The Troops

Many of our servicemen and women are away from their home and families during the holiday season. But there are a variety of ways you can reach out and let them know they are supported and loved from afar! Soldiers’ Angels Adopt-A-Family program allows you to donate to military families in need through gifts for the children and a grocery gift card so the family can purchase their holiday meal. You and your business can also join up with an organization like Operation Gratitude to host a collection drive for items to put into care packages that go to soldiers overseas.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a charity run by the United States Marine Corps that collects unwrapped toys throughout the months of November and December and distributes them to children in need throughout local communities. We hold a Toys for Tots drive here at Mosquito Joe Corporate every year. Visit the Toys for Tots website to find information on your local branch and how you can get involved in making a difference for a child in need this year.

Adopt a Family

Donating to charity can be difficult because you can’t usually see an immediate impact from your contribution. Adopting a family who needs assistance during the holidays is a wonderful way to see a personal and immediate result. You can make an even bigger impact by adopting a family as a business and contributing together! While there is no central organization responsible, simply Googling “adopt a family for the holidays” will bring up a list of organizations to partner with in your community. Many allow you to donate food, clothing, toys, and money.

While generosity throughout the holidays enhances the joy of the season, the giving doesn’t have to end come January. All of these ideas can be expanded beyond the holiday season to allow small businesses the opportunity to give back all year round. For example, Mosquito Joe teams up with Nothing But Nets all year long through our MoJo Bites Back campaign to provide mosquito-proof bed nets to families in Sub-Saharan Africa at great risk of malaria. You visit our donation page here for more information. It only takes $10 to send a life-saving net!

From all of us at Mosquito Joe, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. May your days be merry and bright!