Off-Season Opportunities for Mosquito Joe Franchisees


One of the perks of our seasonal business is most Mosquito Joe franchisees have the ability to take time off during the fall and winter months. With the exception of our most southern locations, franchisees have around five months of autonomy. So you might be wondering, what do Mosquito Joe franchisees do with their time when outdoor pests aren’t biting? Great question! We’ve gathered up some of the most common ways Mosquito Joe franchise owners spend their time during the off-season.


After a rigorous season of making outside fun again for their communities, franchisees are due for some well-deserved time off. Because prime mosquito season is during the heat of the summer, many franchisees miss taking trips to the beach. The off-season is the ideal time to vacation in tropical locations. Our franchisees have had the opportunity to soak up the sun in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Tahiti and Turks and Caicos. Conversely, some franchisees take to the mountains for a little ski, snowboarding and snow tubing fun. Then again, some just enjoy a little rest and relaxation at home with their families and pets.


Philanthropy and giving back is at the core of the Mosquito Joe business model. We encourage franchisees to participate in our MoJo Bites Back and Beat the Bloodsuckers campaigns that raise awareness about the importance of mosquito control. Many franchisees go above this and utilize their time off to volunteer in their communities for causes they’re passionate about. Whether it is working with local humane societies, Boy and Girl Scout troops, homeless shelters or veteran groups, our franchisees donate their time back to a community who supports their businesses.

Work in Another Industry  

When mosquito pressure decreases, many franchisees return to other occupations. IT professionals, teachers, military personnel, firefighters and those with other expertise make up our franchise system. While some of their Mosquito Joe businesses are paused over the winter, a few franchise partners take advantage of the cold weather. Hanging holiday lights, shoveling snow from pathways, driveways and parking lots and working as seasonal employees in retail stores are options that keep franchisees busy. Some are even multi-business owners!

Professional Growth

Off-season is the perfect time to renew licenses or obtain new certifications. Having the time to study and take preparation courses allows franchisees to advance their professional development. Each year, franchisees have the opportunity to connect and network at our annual Mosquito Joe Convention in Cancun. They are able to learn from each other, as well as swap tips and best practices. Additionally, some franchisees take seminars, read books on business or take the time to nurture their professional network and connections.

Prep for Next Season

Running a business can get hectic. There are so many moving parts franchisees must be aware of in order for their Mosquito Joe to be successful. The off-season allows franchisees to take care of various administrative tasks. They are able to renew their vehicle registration, do any necessary transit or equipment maintenance, purchase new materials and hire and train new staff. Additionally, this is a great time to update budgets and marketing plans. During this time, franchisees are able to connect with their fellow Neighborly brands so they can collaborate and strategize co-op efforts for next year.

If operating a seasonal business and taking advantage of these great off-season opportunities interests you, consider joining our franchise family! Learn more about our franchise opportunity and contact us for more information on becoming a Mosquito Joe franchisee. Not only are you able to make outside fun again for your community, you’re able to have plenty of fun yourself!


Mosquito Joe Joins the Neighborly Family


Neighborly is one of the largest and most trusted home service companies in the world. With a customer base of over 7 million users, Neighborly connects homeowners with local home service experts and strives to be a one-stop-shop when consumers need a hand, whether it’s with their landscaping, cleaning, windows, plumbing or appliances. The values-driven business is focused on providing a seamless and all-encompassing user experience and exceptional customer service.

Mosquito Joe enthusiastically joined Neighborly’s roster of 14 home service brands in August 2018 and became the resident expert in mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other outdoor pests. With Neighborly’s network of over 2,700 franchise owners, Mosquito Joe is part of a larger franchise system that adds a valuable service and contributes to the company’s vision to repair, maintain and enhance customers’ homes.

Being a part of this network allows Mosquito Joe franchisees to reap numerous benefits. Utilizing an extensive customer pool, having buying power on supplies and equipment and taking advantage of a local support system of fellow Neighborly franchisees are among the perks.

Because of common values and business processes, adding Mosquito Joe into this franchise system was a natural fit. Brands within the Neighborly family are likely ones you’re familiar with – or already use! Below we’re highlighting a few of our fellow Neighborly brands and how their similarities to Mosquito Joe make them great partners, for our franchisees, our customers and in the home services industry.

Molly Maid

In 1984, Molly Maid was started with the mission to give Americans a reliable and affordable option for home cleaning services. Over 30 years later, the company boasts 450 franchises nationwide and performed 1.7 million cleans in 2017 alone. Similar to Mosquito Joe, Molly Maid follows a recurring business model in order to yield optimal results.

The Grounds Guys

What began as an idea shared between 10 brothers in 1987 has grown into a popular landscaping franchise with over 180 locations in the United States. With residential and commercial services such as lawn maintenance, irrigation and fertilization, the Grounds Guys help customers enjoy their outdoor space, just like the services offered by Mosquito Joe.

Mr. Rooter

Founded in 1970, Mr. Rooter began as a small plumbing company offering a high-quality service at an affordable rate. Franchised in 1989, the company now has over 190 locations nationwide. The company is able to offer plumbing services that range from clogged drains to sewer line repair. Mr. Rooter and Mosquito Joe both take pride in respecting customers’ property and using assessment protocols prior to completing service.

Mr. Appliance

Recognized as the country’s leading appliance repair franchise, Mr. Appliance has been providing fixes to residential and commercial equipment for over 20 years. Mr. Appliance technicians are skilled in repairing appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Due to the extensive service offerings and trade-specific skills, both Mr. Appliance and Mosquito Joe send expert technicians to consumers’ homes in order to get the job completed.

These businesses, as well as other Neighborly concepts, have warmly welcomed Mosquito Joe into the family. We are looking forward to learning and growing with Neighborly. Learn more about how to begin the process of bringing Mosquito Joe, a Neighborly company, to your area!


Make the Most Out of Summer for Your Community

There are numerous perks of owning a Mosquito Joe franchise – being your own boss, making your own hours and personalizing your business to cater to your neighborhood are just a few. However, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Mosquito Joe franchisee is offering a service that improves your customer’s quality of life. Whether you’re servicing active outdoor types or those who prefer to leisurely lounge by the pool, summer is the highlight of the year for many people and your ability to control pests makes the most out of their time outside.

Thanks to our barrier sprays, mosquitoes, including their eggs and larvae, are at bay so our customers and their families can play. The less time they spend swatting and slapping means the more quality time they’re able to spend in their yard. Pool parties, graduation celebrations, picnics, Fourth of July barbecues and Labor Day festivities are more enjoyable when mosquitoes aren’t on the guest list.

Are you in an area where ticks are sucking the fun out of your summer? You could save the day by ensuring your community is able to get back to their warm weather activities without the fear of ticks latching on. With extensive training that helps our franchisees assess every yard individually, beating those pests is key to enjoying the outdoors instead of hiding inside all season. Outside is finally fun again for families across the country, and that’s something we’re really proud of.

Summer is primetime for baseball games, farmer’s markets, fireworks shows, and festivals. Our Corporate staff encourages partnering with commercial vendors and those organizing special events is a great way to ensure your entire community is scratch free. Spraying outdoor wedding venues guarantees that bug bites aren’t the bride’s “something new” accessory. Concerts are fun for all, until the mosquitoes are buzzing more than the band. Checking these venues off your list is another way to maximize everyone’s quality time outside.

Still don’t believe us? Just ask our devoted customers how their summers are better after their Mosquito Joe treatments:

“For 8 years we have been battling the mosquito. We have stayed in many beautiful evenings because of the pests. For the first time this year, after one application by Mosquito Joe, we have enjoyed every night this summer sitting on our deck. What a great service!” – Dave

“Mosquito Joe delivered exactly what they promised. My family and I can actually enjoy our yard and pool area comfortably.” – Emanuel

Mosquito Joe has franchising opportunities all over the country. If you’re interested in making outside fun again for those in your area, visit our Franchisee Information Page for more details on becoming a Joe.