Learning from the Best: Father Son Business Takes Off

Father's day with Jack and Matthew McReynolds

When Jack McReynolds decided to open Mosquito Joe of Garland-Rockwall in Texas, he never intended for it to be a family business. But as Jack began discussing the business model with his son Matthew, he couldn’t ignore the excitement and enthusiasm Matthew had for the idea. In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, we sat down to talk to Jack and Matthew to see why Mosquito Joe is such a great fit for fathers and sons and how they make it work.

What made you decide on Mosquito Joe as your business?

Jack: I was looking for a business opportunity that would allow me to leave my desk job with Apple Inc. I didn’t want something that would put me behind another desk but didn’t want to be a greeter at Walmart either. I wanted a service opportunity catering to a large and growing demographic, with a continuous, sustainable revenue stream. Then I noticed Mosquito Joe. Mosquitos suck, and everyone hates them. It was perfect.

Matthew: I had absolutely no choice in the matter when it came to deciding on Mosquito Joe! I was working for a non profit school in South Dallas when my dad mentioned to me that he was starting to get serious with a franchise. I was super excited for him.

What are your specific roles in Mosquito Joe?

Jack: Matthew is the operations guy. He is the hardest working young man that I know. He also handles the social media. My job is to deal with the administrative issues, accounting and marketing.

Matthew: Yes, I am in charge of day to day operations and I am also our lead technician. I love it!

As you were researching business opportunities, was a family business always the idea?

Jack: Absolutely not. I wanted something that would fit MY requirements. Matthew was doing his own thing and was starting to have some success at it. I didn’t dream that I’d ever get the opportunity to work with him. But, as I began talking about Mosquito Joe, Matthew began asking for ways that he could help. I have always seen Matthew as a great investment, and as I thought about my opportunity, I began to see it as our opportunity, and maybe an opportunity that would eventually fund his dream. When I saw that the Dallas area had openings, it seemed a match made in Heaven.

Matthew: I have always been very entrepreneurial, and the idea of working with family has always appealed to me. But, I definitely did not expect that the opportunity would come so soon, or that it would manifest the way it has.

How do you keep family and business separate from one another?

Jack: We don’t. Why should we? We’re both very excited about what we’re doing. You know, it was the same before. When we were working separate jobs, many of our discussions were about either his work or mine. Maybe that will change when the season ends but for now we’re just enjoying the busy-ness.

Matthew: Yea… I don’t think we do that at all either, but Mosquito Joe doesn’t consume every conversation that I have with my dad. The other day we were watching the NBA playoffs while we were on a conference call going over our first week’s sales. How cool is that?

Do you think the generational gap helps your business? How so?

Jack: We definitely have different abilities and knowledge bases. I know how to log in to Facebook and have heard of Twitter, and Snapchat. Matthew is pretty good at those things. He’s also an incredibly hard worker. He’s all about getting things done. I’m all about process, organization, process, structure, and process. Did I mention process?

Matthew: I would say so! My dad has been awesome in so many different aspects because of his great ideas, and you can tell it comes from his experience. I think that I bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the table.

What have you learned about and from each other along the way?

Jack: The only thing I ever worried about with Matthew was his ability to focus and work hard. Too often, as he was going through his teenage years, he chose the easy way. If a task wasn’t easy, he’d find an easy way to accomplish it. By early high school, he was taller than me, stronger than me, better looking than me, and smarter than me. I knew that if he were able to focus, and work hard he’d accomplish whatever he set out to do. What I’m learning is that he has finally realized his potential and is working to achieve all the things he is capable of. This business is not easy but Matthew is working it. I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Matthew: I have a lot of respect for my dad! It has been awesome to see how he is moving forward in this stage of his life after leaving a job he’s had for over 20 years. One of the many things that I can take away from this experience is the courage that he has.

We loved chatting with Jack and Matthew to hear their story. If you’re interested in learning more about the Mosquito Joe opportunity, visit our website. From all of us here at Mosquito Joe, we wish all the Dads a very Happy Father’s Day!


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