Entrepreneur’s Best of the Best Franchises List

Mosquito Joe was recently included in Entrepreneur magazine’s Best of the Best Franchises list, which recognizes 110 companies who ranked at the top of their industry categories in Entrepreneur’s 2018 Franchise 500 ranking. Mosquito Joe ranked #1 in the Pest Control industry and we are absolutely thrilled to be leading the pack in 2018!

The mosquito control industry is a high growth market, and Mosquito Joe has emerged as an industry leader with our strong branding, best-in-class systems, unparalleled Corporate support, and the ability to grow rapidly throughout the country.

“Melissa and I loved the branding, the business model, and the team. Everything was in place from day one and we knew there would be a need in our hometown. With Mosquito Joe, we’re making a living and changing the lives of people who could never enjoy the outside.” – Kurt and Melissa Godwin, Mosquito Joe Franchise Owners (Million Dollar Club Members) – Baltimore-Annapolis, MD

Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 rankings are based on a comprehensive evaluation of more than 150 data points in the areas of costs and fees, size and growth, franchisee support, brand strength, and financial strength and stability. Mosquito Joe ranking at the top of our category, and #42 overall, confirms our status as an industry leader.

“More than 1,000 companies applied for this year’s Franchise 500, making it one of our most competitive rankings ever,” says Jason Feifer, Entrepreneur’s Editor in Chief. “So, for these companies to not only rank but land at the top of their respective categories is quite an achievement.”

To view us in the full listing, click here for Franchises List. The list can also be seen in the May issue of Entrepreneur, available now on newsstands.

There’s never been a better time to start thinking about becoming the hero in your area with your own Mosquito Joe franchise.


Virginia Beach, VA-based Mosquito Joe provides mosquito control treatment to residential and commercial customers in areas across the nation. Technicians are trained mosquito control experts dedicated to getting rid of mosquitoes so people can enjoy being outside again. While each Mosquito Joe is an independently owned franchise that offers customers reliable and effective service from a trusted community member, it is also backed by a strong network of technical expertise. For more information or franchising opportunities, visit our franchising website.



Make the Most Out of Summer for Your Community

There are numerous perks of owning a Mosquito Joe franchise – being your own boss, making your own hours and personalizing your business to cater to your neighborhood are just a few. However, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Mosquito Joe franchisee is offering a service that improves your customer’s quality of life. Whether you’re servicing active outdoor types or those who prefer to leisurely lounge by the pool, summer is the highlight of the year for many people and your ability to control pests makes the most out of their time outside.

Thanks to our barrier sprays, mosquitoes, including their eggs and larvae, are at bay so our customers and their families can play. The less time they spend swatting and slapping means the more quality time they’re able to spend in their yard. Pool parties, graduation celebrations, picnics, Fourth of July barbecues and Labor Day festivities are more enjoyable when mosquitoes aren’t on the guest list.

Are you in an area where ticks are sucking the fun out of your summer? You could save the day by ensuring your community is able to get back to their warm weather activities without the fear of ticks latching on. With extensive training that helps our franchisees assess every yard individually, beating those pests is key to enjoying the outdoors instead of hiding inside all season. Outside is finally fun again for families across the country, and that’s something we’re really proud of.

Summer is primetime for baseball games, farmer’s markets, fireworks shows, and festivals. Our Corporate staff encourages partnering with commercial vendors and those organizing special events is a great way to ensure your entire community is scratch free. Spraying outdoor wedding venues guarantees that bug bites aren’t the bride’s “something new” accessory. Concerts are fun for all, until the mosquitoes are buzzing more than the band. Checking these venues off your list is another way to maximize everyone’s quality time outside.

Still don’t believe us? Just ask our devoted customers how their summers are better after their Mosquito Joe treatments:

“For 8 years we have been battling the mosquito. We have stayed in many beautiful evenings because of the pests. For the first time this year, after one application by Mosquito Joe, we have enjoyed every night this summer sitting on our deck. What a great service!” – Dave

“Mosquito Joe delivered exactly what they promised. My family and I can actually enjoy our yard and pool area comfortably.” – Emanuel

Mosquito Joe has franchising opportunities all over the country. If you’re interested in making outside fun again for those in your area, visit our Franchisee Information Page for more details on becoming a Joe.


Mothers of Mosquito Joe

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked a couple of the many dynamic mothers of Mosquito Joe to buzz in on what business ownership means to them. Women represent a growing number of new business owners and mothers are a large part of that number. Mosquito Joe is fortunate to have so many awesome women dedicated to taking control of their careers and making outside fun again. Here’s what they had to share:


Owners of Mosquito Joe of Northwest Houston

Kate Gould – Mosquito Joe of Northwest Houston & S. Brazos Valley

Opened 2015

The pros to owning my own business are that I don’t have to worry about early morning daycare while I grapple with rush hour traffic to make it to my office. I am my office. I can work around the kids’ schedule and this allows me the freedom to take them to school, participate in school events, and always be a phone call away if they are sick or need to come home. As we grow in size and have folks in the office managing the day to day calls, I have more freedom to participate in family activities. College and high school graduation happens for two of my kids this month, and I will be able to travel to both ceremonies without taking vacation time away from myself.

As my kids grow older, I am also able to offer them employment in the office. They have the ability to have a summer job that pays them well, where they can learn about what I do and what it takes to run a business. This, for me, is probably the greatest bonus to running my own business. My kids really get a taste of the real world and an understanding of what it takes to be successful. I’m about to watch my eldest graduate with a bachelors in entomology, and she and I often help one another with bug identification or mosquito questions.

The biggest take away for me is that I am doing far more than earning a paycheck. I’m building a business one of them might want one day, and if they don’t, I’m creating a retirement vehicle for myself that will afford me all the time I need when it comes time for grandkids. Building a future for myself and my family is something I can’t put a price on. Showing my kids that you can be a mom, be involved, grow and manage a company is pretty huge. Especially, I think, for my girls. I much prefer proving that you can do anything you set your mind to, rather than just telling my kids they can!


Beth Sehlhorst – Mosquito Joe of East Cincinnati

Opened 2014

Owning my own business means setting an example and letting my kids be involved in the day to day. This gives them an opportunity to celebrate successes and work through challenges with me. Flexibility in my schedule to take care of little ones and working from home is nice too.

Mosquito Joe has positive ethics and moral values and a concept that relates to giving back. The business also allows us to spend time with our family and have more of a work-life balance. Having children of our own, we saw the business opportunity would not only benefit us, but could also help other families.

Owning a franchise with Mosquito Joe provides parents the flexibility to manage their business and to manage their home without missing a step.

We truly appreciate the women of Mosquito Joe for all that they contribute to our company. For more information on how you can join the Mosquito Joe family, click here to learn more. If you’re interested in becoming a Woman of Mosquito Joe, check out our blog series highlighting these amazing, strong women running their own businesses!


Mosquito Joe Makes Best Franchise Opportunities for 2018 List

Mosquito Joe was identified by independent franchisee satisfaction research firm Franchise Business Review as being 1 of 50 franchises to qualify for its Top Franchise List for 2018. This list is a result of surveys sent to the system that gauges franchisee satisfaction and gives performance reviews. FBR surveyed around 30,000 franchise owners, representing 334 franchise brands, to determine the Top 50 Franchises in four size classes. Mosquito Joe falls within the “Large” class size with 285 locations.

“Our Mosquito Joe business opportunity provides a simple, low-cost, seasonal business that can allow you more time to spend with your family and the freedom of working for yourself,” said Lou Schager, President of Mosquito Joe.  “Our extensive corporate support system and recurring revenue model means you can thrive as a business owner in a high-growth market.  Homeowners and businesses alike are realizing the necessity of mosquito control services, so our operators can also feel good about serving their community while making outside fun again.”

The 50 brands that made the 2018 Top Franchise List did so as a result of their franchisees rating high satisfaction within their systems. Visit FranchiseBusinessReview.com to see the full list of 2018 Top Franchise Opportunities and check out Mosquito Joe’s Franchise Business Review Profile here.

“Melissa and I loved the branding, the business model, and the team. Everything was in place from day one and we knew there would be a need in our hometown. With Mosquito Joe, we’re making a living and changing the lives of people who could never enjoy the outside.” – Kurt and Melissa Godwin, Mosquito Joe Franchise Owners (Million Dollar Club Members) – Baltimore- Annapolis.

If you have a dream to own your own business, we can help you make that a reality. Not only can you improve your quality of life, but you can also make outside fun again for your community by becoming a Mosquito Joe franchise partner. The mosquito control industry is a high growth market, and Mosquito Joe has emerged as an industry leader with strong branding, best-in-class systems, unparalleled Corporate support, and the ability to grow rapidly nationwide. There’s never been a better time to become the hero in your area and start your own Mosquito Joe franchise than right now!

If the Mosquito Joe franchise opportunity sounds like the one for you, check out our Franchise Information Page and contact our franchise development team today for more information.





Brad and Stephanie Simon | 2018 Rockstar Franchisees

Mosquito Joe of Arkansas has been a pioneer location for Mosquito Joe as a whole. The owners, Brad and Stephanie Simon, opened their franchise in 2013 and were among the first of our franchise partners. They now own five territories spanning across more than 300 miles and four hours of drive time. Since opening their franchise they have been able to achieve their ultimate goal: quitting their previous jobs and becoming their own boss while working together towards the same business objectives.

We are excited to celebrate that Brad and Stephanie have recently been named one of Franchise Business Review’s 2018 Rockstar Franchisees! After analyzing their research from over 27,000 franchisee surveys, across more than 300 leading franchise brands, Franchise Business Review was able to identify the best of the best in franchising today and we are thrilled that one of our very own franchisees has made the list.

In addition to this recent accolade, the Simons are part of Mosquito Joe’s Million Dollar Club, Maverick List (the MoJo franchisees believed to be going above and beyond at exceeding their business goals), and were recently named Franchisee of the Year at the Mosquito Joe 2018 Annual Convention.

We couldn’t be prouder of Brad and Stephanie for making the list and the positive example they’re setting for our system as a whole. We look forward to their continued growth and future success.

For more information on how you can become a Mosquito Joe franchisee and start working towards your own goals, request more information on our website. Start your discovery process today to see if you have what it takes to be your own boss and keep your neighborhood itch-free.