Charting the Course to Our 2016 Annual Convention

Mosquito Joe Corporate Staff - Mosquito Control Franchise

With our 2016 Annual Convention coming up, now is a great time of year to take a look back at how far we’ve come as a business.  From a small Mom and Pop mosquito control business in Virginia to a national franchise company, Mosquito Joe has really made a name for itself over the past three years with 113 territories open in 26 states.  Our Convention is a fun and productive chance for Mosquito Joe franchisees, Corporate staff, and outside vendors to meet and kick off the new year with a bang.  This is our opportunity to discuss the peaks and valleys of the previous year, brainstorm for the coming season, and of course, have some fun!  And since the sunshine brings out our best ideas, we’ll be heading down to Florida for the 2016 event.  We’ll hear from all of our franchisees, learn from industry experts, and give out a few awards along the way.  While we can’t wait for next week, here is a quick look back at the past couple of years to appreciate how far we’ve come.

1st Annual Convention 2014 2014 Mosquito Joe Convention Group posed on the stairs.

2013 was Mosquito Joe’s first year as a franchise company, opening 15 territories in 10 states.  Not bad!  The 2014 event was shrouded in nerves, not only because this was our first Convention, but because Virginia Beach was forecasted to have six inches of snow!  Some of you snow-bunnies may laugh, but that amount of snow is unheard of in Virginia and brings everything to a standstill.  Nevertheless, the weather cooperated, and we had a wonderful weekend filled with excitement, ideas, and go karts!


2nd Annual Convention 2015 2015 Mosquito Joe Convention Group

Last year’s Convention was so exciting because of our company’s tremendous growth in its second year as a franchise.  We jumped from 15 territories in 10 states to 39 territories in 21 states!  The event theme was Making Waves in 2015 as we brought everyone together to assess the previous year and collaborate on great ideas for the following year.  As usual, we learned and laughed with speakers, welcomed new faces to the MoJo family, and presented standout awards to several franchisees.


3rd Annual Convention 2016 

unnamed (1)As we’ve said again and again, 2015 was our best year to date.  We had 113 territories open in 26 states, completely blowing our first two years out of the water.  Speaking of water, our theme this year is Charting the Course.  With a few years under our belts now, we want to make this the best Convention yet!  We’ll be welcoming over 20 vendors who assist in our day-to-day operations from marketing and graphics to operations and product sales.  There will also be several breakout sessions throughout the course of the event to allow franchisees the opportunity to meet in smaller groups and learn about specialized topics like grassroots marketing and mosquito control technology.  Of course, we’ll have our annual awards dinner to recognize stellar franchisee performances from the past year too.

If you want to be involved in next year’s Convention, take a look at our Franchise page for more information on how you can become a Mosquito Joe franchise owner.


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