Mosquito Joe Makes List of Top Franchises for Veterans

2015 has been the best year yet for Mosquito Joe.  Our tremendous growth and increased success have made us a leading franchise name in the pest control industry.  Although the year isn’t quite over, we’re finishing it with a bang!

We are very excited to announce that Mosquito Joe has made Franchise Business Review‘s annual list of Top Franchises for Veterans.  This is the only list based on data from actual veterans.  The review analyzed survey data from over 3,000 veteran franchise owners from 285 various franchises.

Mosquito Joe Veteran Franchisee“Many franchises entice veterans to invest via special incentives and discounts, but what really matters is what happens after they buy a franchise. The franchises featured in our Top Franchises For Veterans report have earned the seal of approval from the veterans who own them,” says Michelle Rowan, President of Franchise Business Review.

One in seven franchises – more than 66,000 – in the U.S. is owned by a veteran, according to VetFran, a program founded to provide access and opportunities in franchising to veterans and their spouses.  Mosquito Joe provides an established corporate structure that many veterans appreciate after working within a system like the military.  There is also plenty of opportunity for leadership while also working with a team.

“Those with a military background tend to transition well into franchising because they have excellent experience in operations and working within a system to follow and execute a plan for success,” says Angela Zerda, Director of Marketing for Mosquito Joe, “The drive and dedication it takes to run a business comes quite naturally for veterans.”

Having multiple military connections in the MoJo Corporate office as well as numerous veteran franchisees gives this recognition even more meaning.  Making Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchises For Veterans list shows that we have earned the respect of our veteran franchisees.  Mosquito Joe offers a discount for veterans in the form of $2,500 off the $25,000 initial franchise fee.  Interested in learning more about this franchise opportunity?  Visit our Mosquito Joe franchise page for more information.


Cruising with Mosquito Joe: Ford Transit Connect

When we started franchising in 2013, our first goal was to create a brand that resonated with our customers and made them feel as passionate about getting outside as we do. Check. Next in line was finding a vehicle that fulfilled three tasks: serving as a marketing tool,  providing an organized and professional way to bring the service to residents, and being fuel efficient. Check, check and check.

All of our preferred vendors set us up beautifully with the Ford Transit Connect. Here’s how we accomplished our goals:

  • Marketing tool: Each of our franchisees drives a Ford Transit Connect with a Mosquito Joe wrap. With the bold colors and catchy tagline, the MoJo van is a can’t-miss-head-turner while driving by, even on a busy street.  Some of our franchisees have bought an extra Ford Transit to use solely to keep the brand on the road, even during the off-season. They take their kids to school in it, go out to dinner in it, and use it for events to draw the crowd’s attention to Mosquito Joe.  Our corporate-run territory in Virginia Beach – Norfolk uses it to collect toy donations from customers around the holidays for Toys for Tots and our locations in Baltimore and Annapolis use it to collect donations for the Maryland Food Bank. It is thevanside perfect “driving billboard” – one that customers easily recognize pulling into their driveway.
  • Organized and professional: The Transit Connect is fully enclosed, which ensures our product stays inside the vehicle and locked whenever the technicians are away from the vehicle spraying. No hoses, no tanks out in the open, and no possibility of it falling out while driving down the road. With shelving installed throughout the back, everything stays in place and is easily accessible for our technicians throughout their work day. We pride ourselves on having a clean mosquito control operation and this vehicle helps support that.
  • Fuel efficient: As you can imagine, our technicians service multiple addresses on any given day, so fuel efficiency is key. The Ford Transit Connect gets about 22 miles per gallon.  That, combined with the other factors of marketing and how organized it is, made the Transit Connect an easy choice for our business.

Home service companies rely heavily on the vehicles that run their business day in and day out, so choosing the right vehicle is an important decision. When you are considering what vehicle to use for your franchise opportunity, it is important to think through what you want to accomplish. Will your customers see this daily? What do you need to store? How many people should it fit? Once you’ve created your checklist, find a reputable vendor that can help you walk through the process of setting up a partnership that benefits the vendor and franchisees.

The Ford Transit Connect is just one of many great things about franchising with Mosquito Joe.  For more information on this opportunity including services we offer, testimonials, and steps to ownership, please visit the Mosquito Joe Franchise page.


Franchisee Training

This week we are very excited to welcome our first group of 2016 franchisees to Mosquito Joe Headquarters for new franchisee training!  While many assume that things slow down for us after our corporate-owned Virginia Beach Mosquito Joe location wraps up service for the year, that’s not actually the case.  We are constantly working to serve and educate our franchisees (new and existing), so they can develop a strong business, and this week we’re opening the doors of MoJo University for another year.  No rest for the weary!

Some of you might be wondering, what is MoJo University?

Part of what sets Mosquito Joe apart as a franchise is its system of ongoing training and support.  MoJo University is a comprehensive, four-day training program at the corporate office in Virginia Beach, Virginia that all new franchise owners must attend and complete before opening for business.  This week launches the first training session for 2016 franchise openings. The course is designed to educate franchisees in all aspects of Mosquito Joe including operations and equipment, customer service, financial planning, and marketing.  Since no previous pest control experience is necessary to own a Mosquito Joe franchise, this training is crucial to getting new locations up and running. It’s just the beginning of the amazing support Mosquito Joe Corporate offers franchisees from day one.

Chris Whiteside, a new franchise owner from Newtown, Pennsylvania says, “I’m looking forward to my week of training, so I can begin to focus on the details around our business. Through the purchasing process, I knew I wanted a seasonal business, and the uniqueness of the brand and the untapped market in my area led me to Mosquito Joe. As I begin the process, I continue to be confident in our location and look forward to the experience.”

Joining Chris at training this week are Rachael Mann from Highland Park, Illinois, Whitney Mastropierro from Westhampton, New York, Steve Brock from Summerfield, North Carolina, and David and Dale Maginness from Overland Park, Kansas.  David Maginness opened his location, Mosquito Joe of East Johnson County, in 2015 but is coming through MoJo University again for a refresher with a year of service under his belt. This time he’s bringing his father, who is one of his technicians, to increase his skill-set as well.

MoJo University training sessions are also a great time for new franchisees to get to know our stellar corporate team and get all their questions answered about running a mosquito control business.  We’re excited to kick off this next year of training. If you’re interested in learning more about our training and support, please contact a franchise development representative at [email protected].