Team MoJo knows how to create success.

Our leadership is swarming with franchise knowledge, stemming from experience across multiple franchise brands, including five of the top ten fastest growing franchise businesses in the nation. Our resumes boast extensive skills across marketing, operations, finance and customer service and as soon as you join our crew of Mosquito Joe franchise partners, we’re working for you.


Kevin Wilson, CFE, CEO aka Head Joe

Kevin hails from the great white north where the mosquito season was short but very intense. Armed with a degree from the University of Western Ontario, he began his career in consulting with Bain and Company, where a mild bagel addiction drove him to found Benny’s Bagels, a business that franchised bagel stores throughout Texas. A not-so-short plane ride later he found himself in Johannesburg, South Africa working for South African Airways. Upon returning to Virginia Beach in 2001, Kevin became a partner with Envest Ventures and oversaw $160M across three funds that made over 28 investments, four of which were franchisors. After meeting the founders of Mosquito Joe, he was sold on the need for the services and the opportunity for franchisees and was excited to build a great and lasting company. As our Head Joe, Kevin oversees the business and works to drive our franchisee-centric support system. While mosquitoes’ appetite for him could be described as average, he prefers to spend his outdoor time mosquito-free with his wife, drinking wine or attending their three kids’ sporting activities.

Mosquito Control Franchise - About Us -Our Team

Lou Schager, Brand President aka G.I. Joe

Lou is an experienced professional and proven leader who joined the Mosquito Joe team in 2017. He is a retired Naval Officer who most recently worked with the Reinvent Hampton Roads/GO Virginia projects to help drive business development in the Hampton Roads area. Lou is a native of Palatine, Illinois and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with over 26 years of Naval service. He flew F-14 and FA-18 aircraft for much of his career, served as the Commanding Officer of an FA-18 squadron and during his last tour, led as the Commanding Officer of Naval Air Station Oceana.  As our G.I. Joe and Brand President, Lou coordinates the efforts and activities of the corporate team to enhance the performance of Mosquito Joe franchises. He guides new franchisees through the start up process and advises established franchisees in their ongoing business operations. He and his wife Leslie are long-time Virginia Beach residents, and have two sons.

Mosquito Control Franchise - About Us -Our Team

Kyle Beach, Director of Operations aka Ops Joe

Kyle guides our franchise business coaches (FBCs) who provide the first level of support for our fellow Joes, in addition to personally guiding franchisees directly in all aspects of their business. His franchise experience extends far beyond Mosquito Joe, however. Kyle spent six years in Waco, Texas, working for the Dwyer Group, a holding company for 11 different franchise brands. He also worked as a franchise consultant and business coach for over 100 franchisees, helping them transition into existing systems in all areas of operations, marketing, finance, and culture. Although a military family brought him all over the U.S., Kyle enjoys living in Virginia Beach, with his wife and daughter.

Mosquito Control Franchise - About Us -Our Team

Jayme Sabo, Director of Marketing aka Ginger Joe

Jayme brings a wealth of marketing and advertising experience to Mosquito Joe and relocated to Virginia Beach from Tucson, Arizona for the role. She has worked in both the agency world and a variety of corporate settings including financial services, real estate development, and the Indy Racing League. Jayme also served as the consumer marketing manager for a large car wash business with more than 100 locations in ten states. Coming back to the franchise world was a perfect fit for Jayme as she grew up in a franchisee family helping her father with his ten-unit Subway franchise. She not only dedicates her experience to the overall best marketing strategy for Mosquito Joe but also to the day-to-day success of our franchisees across the country.

Mosquito Control Franchise - About Us -Our Team

Jodi Ramoino, CFE, Director of Franchise Development aka Joe-Dee

Jodi started her career in the environmental field with an Environmental Science Degree from SUNY ESF at Syracuse – but her love for nature was often over-shadowed by her loathing for pesky bugs. Jodi’s lofty ambitions of saving the planet were side-tracked when she decided to try her hand at franchise sales with Liberty Tax Service. The joy of turning regular people into entrepreneurs solidified her choice to change careers. Franchising and helping people navigate the franchise selection process quickly became her new love. Jodi joins Mosquito Joe with over ten years of franchise sales experience as well as a turn as an Area Developer for Liberty. Joining Mosquito Joe made absolute perfect sense as it combines two of her favorite things: making the outdoors fun again and making people successful business owners!


Walter Ewell, CFE, Franchise Development aka Cool Joe

Walter has extensive experience building industry-leading brands that became household names and have been among the top 10 franchise companies. He’s as franchise-savvy as they come with an enchanting demeanor, and that’s why he’s our Joe Cool. Walter is the go-to guy for our potential franchise partners and gets his thrills from granting MoJo franchises to highly motivated franchise partners. A long time native of Hampton Roads and graduate of Old Dominion University, Walter’s outdoor fun consists of backyard activities with his grandkids, gardening, and relaxing by the pond in his back yard. Walter is a prime target for mosquitoes and owes gratitude to his wife Sharon, who he claims is the brains of their household operation, for bringing Mosquito Joe into their lives.

Mosquito Control Franchise - About Us -Our Team

Timothy Holadia, Director of Franchise Development aka Pioneer Joe

Timothy was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In fact, his mother still lives in that same house they brought him home to from the hospital. Timothy has been in franchise development for more than 16 years and loves the opportunity to help people realize their dreams of being in business for themselves. The former VP of Development at Geeks on Call and most recently, CEO & Founder of Franmogul, has worked with more than 80 brands to grow their franchise networks. The greatest joy of his life is spending time with his son, either playing basketball in the front driveway or watching him participate on sports teams including basketball, soccer, and tennis.


Michael Hull, CFE, Vice President of Finance aka Joe Money

Michael grew up in the mosquito haven of Norfolk, VA and other than his college years at William and Mary from where he graduated, he has called the city home. He has a finance and real estate background but was bit by the Mosquito Joe bug from day one in 2010 and has been involved in the local operations ever since. As our Numbers Joe, Michael oversees the books but also supports the franchise operations with training, maintaining, and improving our current and potential franchise partners, and managing various vendor relationships. He enjoys his free time outdoors boating and fishing with family and friends. Mosquitoes adore him so much that he’s generally swatting his legs before a mosquito ever gets close. We adore him too. Oh, and his favorite color is blue.


Angela Zerda Paules, CFE, Chief Marketing Officer aka Our Cup of Joe

Angela joined the Mosquito Joe team upon her arrival to Virginia. Spending the majority of her life in Texas, she has seen her share of mosquitoes – and when they say everything is bigger in Texas, they mean it. Angela began her career in advertising, working on high profile clients such as Walmart and BMW before her Longhorn pride drove her to a marketing role with her alma mater, The University of Texas at Austin. While in Austin, her entrepreneurial nature led her to open a coffee shop, which she ran for four years – and that’s why she’s Our Cup of Joe. She has a competitive nature and loves attacking new challenges, whether in her professional life or through outside the office endeavors like kickboxing, skydiving, or competitive sports. She even has a trapeze lesson on her resume. She loves to have her outdoor fun on the beach or camping with her family, friends and German Shepherd dog.


Denise Morris, CFE, Vice President of Local Operations aka Joe Mama

Denise is a favorite among our Mosquito Joe customers, and of course around the office as well. She is the queen of customer service and manages our technicians with the elegance of a four-time mother and one-time grandmother, warranting the title of our Joe Mama. Denise’s background includes ten years in office management and eleven years as a paraprofessional within the educational system. She has lived in Virginia for the past 15 years with her family and two dogs. When it comes to outdoor fun, Denise loves to play and coach fast-pitch softball, ride dirt bikes, fish, go to the races and spend time traveling with her family. Lucky for Denise, mosquitoes don’t bother her, but because they love her family, she’s always on the mosquito defensive.