Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that starting a business is a big step and we know you may have many questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently received questions regarding our outdoor pest control franchise opportunity.

What is Mosquito Joe?

Mosquito Joe is an outdoor pest control franchise. We help make outside fun again by eliminating mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks in yards across the country. With our training and support, we help you get set up and running your own business efficiently and with all the necessary tools.

How much does it cost to get started?

To get a Mosquito Joe Franchise up and running, it will take about $105,600-$139,500 depending on the area you live in. This figure is mainly made up by the $42,500 franchise fee and $39k in marketing dollars to recruit new customer leads. The rest of the money goes toward outfitting your van, outfitting your technicians, and working capital needed to pay the bills while you are getting the customer base built up and the business up and running.

This is a seasonal business; how can I make any money?

Don’t let the seasonality of this business fool you. Mosquito control is a service that customers are picking up readily and our service is in very high demand. Our franchisees enjoy a very high quality of life because they get to shut down the business over the winter (depending on their location) and can relax and make time for the things they enjoy during the offseason.

Is there anything I can do for my business in the offseason?

The offseason is perfect for local marketing efforts that will help recruit customers for your next season. Many grassroots marketing efforts, such as home shows, are great for getting the word out about your business. Our Corporate Marketing Team can recommend many offseason initiatives for your business.

Can I do this business alone?

Since there are two very important roles that should be filled when your business launches, we highly recommend you have two people ready to go when you begin to acquire customers.

How big is a territory?

We create territories based on target households. It is important to us that we ensure you are getting plenty of target households to market to and service in order to be successful. Most importantly, we do give you a protected territory so that you are the only person who can market to and service leads and customers in your territory.

What is a “target household”?

A target household consists of a single-family, detached home (people with backyards) at a certain average household income level.

Is this service only effective for mosquitoes?

The service rids your customers’ yards of outdoor pests including mosquitoes, ticks and fleas.

What type of products are used?

We use two primary products in our mosquito treatment. Our main barrier spray products use synthetic pyrethroids, which are the natural byproduct of the Chrysanthemum flower, and have a similar chemical structure as numerous commercial products such as household insecticides, pet shampoos and sprays, and even lice shampoos. All of our products are EPA registered, applied by a certified and trained technician, and we offer an all-natural treatment option as well.

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